Calling the 80’s and 90’s …… they want their skirt back. Recently, the fashion industry has witnessed a comeback in clothing trends from the 1980’s and 1990’s and have become very popular among the teens here at LHS. Since the 80’s, social media and technology has heavily advanced and has even influenced the fashion industry.

Big named brands promote and advertise these throwback pieces on social media platforms in hopes of teens, see them and want to make a purchase. In addition, there are social media influencers who are paid by big companies to sponsor their clothing brands or products. There are also built in ads in which when we are scrolling through Instagram we see them. The point is, ads are everywhere and the fashion industry benefits from advertisement.

Remember the black lace up sneakers that your parents wore not too long ago? Well they have made a comeback. Recently, Converse has been the shoe to wear. This casual shoe started trending among the teens, and Converse’s sales began to rise, gaining revenue, in which they haven’t seen sales like this since the 1980’s.

Currently, many teens have put aside their converse and have upgraded to Vans. For many, converse has seen their better days and many teens begin to splurge for the next best thing. The comfortable, slip on, skater boy vibe shoes, Vans, have been blowing up as one of the most popular throwback trends of them all. One of Vans competitor is Converse and they have done a great job of making their shoes customizable and offering different styles. Throwback patterns like checkerboard is an example of something that your parents once worn as a teenager back in the day.

Another big trend that has been hitting the fashion world is Denim. Denim has always been a popular piece in anyone’s wardrobe, but recently, many are experimenting with Denim, layering Denim jackets with different pieces or wearing ripped Demin “mom jeans.”  Ripped Denim jeans are a big hit for teenagers and a big-name company, American Eagle Outfitters, are designing their jeans to be more ripped and baggy like the wide legged pants that are becoming very popular. Denim skirts and Denim overalls are making a comeback as well. 2018 summer, the Denim skirt and overalls were a must-have piece for summer fashion and many companies began to jump on this trend like American Eagle, who produces many different styles of Denim skirts and overalls.

Another trend that is popular among teenage boys rather than girls is bleaching their clothes. Getting that burnt orange color to clash with the original color of the clothing is a look that many are going for.

Along with the craze for Demin, we see a popular trend in shirts and tops. The off the shoulder and bell sleeve tops are a must have item for most girl’s wardrobe. Another trend we see in both girls and boys fashion is bomber jackets. A bomber jacket is an olive green or black puffy jacket that can be layered over basic clothing items.

Velvet is becoming very popular. Anything from velvet dresses, skirts, shirts and even scrunchies have hit the stores. Scrunchies is one of the most popular accessories, along with floppy hats, black edgy belts, ray ban glasses, fanny packs and chokers are a staple for many teenager girls.

It always seems like the trends that are on the rise now were once popular back during your parent’s high school years. Why is it that some things always come back in style? What is 2019’s fashion trend going to be?