And just like that…it’s over. Before you can even blink, high school will have gone before you and you do not want to waste any time. It is the prime of your life; making friendships that may last forever and skills to set you up for your future. As you spend your time learning to be a young adult, do not forget to slow down and enjoy the process.


Freshman Kobe Ottinger believes he has already lived his best moment in high school and that was beating Western Boone during basketball this year.


“It was really cool running out in front of the large crowd. There were a lot of people there to watch the rivalry game especially after Webo just had a good football season. It was nice to make a statement on how it was now basketball season and football was over,” said Ottinger.


Junior Drew Davidson plays tennis in the fall for the Lebanon Tigers. His favorite memory however, happened in the classroom during his sophomore year.


“It was second semester for Health Careers when Mrs. Hines pricked my finger to find out my blood type,” said Davidson, “It was really funny and everybody laughed. I also found out I am B positive.”


Science teacher Jenny Gaha enjoys being on staff here. Her favorite memory at LHS was this past year’s tailgating party, prior to the first home football game.


“It was an outstanding event featuring the school’s own Carlickers. They were amazing. There was lots of food and a ton of kids to show their Tiger pride, which was great. Even lots of teachers came to support the team and to help with the tailgate,” said Gaha.


“Most of the students won’t know this, but usually Mr. O’Rourke puts on a mini-tailgate for just the staff and their family. But this year he decided he wanted to do something for the kids, and it turned out great,” said Gaha.


Junior Jeffrey Hart is a member of the Carlickers’ band, so it is not a surprise that his favorite memory involves the band.


“During December of my sophomore year, we performed in the first ever Thirst Project concert,” said Hart, “We went up there having fun with no stress at all. We felt really cool and we sounded really good.”


The four members of the Carlickers are Cole Asbury, Evan Northrop, Jeffrey Hart, and Ben Piper. Because they are all now juniors in high school with jobs, the band has been off the grid for a while now.


“It is hard to get everyone together right now because of work, but don’t be surprised if we come out with a banger before school ends,” said Hart.


Junior Alaine Brown sincerely treasured the experience of getting to paint her parking spot prior to her junior year of high school. This is a tradition that juniors and seniors at LHS participate in each year.


“I painted a lighthouse with the Matthew 5:16 Bible verse on it. It is one of my favorite verses and I found the lighthouse design online. It only took me two days to complete,” said Brown.

Senior Caroline Reese will always remember her junior prom but is looking forward to this year.


“I was on the court and all my friends went,” said Reese. “My favorite part was walk in. Post prom was really exciting too. I enjoyed the karaoke and blow up courses.