DECA is a club at Lebanon High School that allows high school students to compete by pursuing their interests in business by placing themselves in real life situations with other students at LHS that share the same interests as them.

Junior Molly Garner, an active member of DECA, said “my favorite part about DECA is the opportunities given and the memories made.”

In DECA you can compete by making and preparing a plan individually or in a team and choosing from many different topics based on their interests. Some examples of these are business management and administration, finance, or marketing.

Junior Luke Ferrell chose the topic hospitality and tourism professional selling. For competition he created a presentation for the city of Nashville which includes a script and visuals to go along with the presentation.

Sophomores Natalie Dafoe and Khushi Patel chose to do on-the-spot role play in the category of hospitality and tourism this year. The pair won a certificate of excellence last year during International Competition (ICDC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

DECA competitions require serious planning and studying. They must be thoroughly educated on their category in order to complete the required 100 question test.

Dafoe and Patel prepared by practicing role-plays for nearly 10 hours and spending an additional 5 hours educating themselves on possible situations.

Members that choose role-plays compete at district competition in Hamilton South Eastern, while those who prepare business plans head straight to state in Indianapolis. Due to the weather, district competition was cancelled this year and test scores determined their placing.

If they place in the top six, they will compete at state which is held at the Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. If they place in the top four at state, they earn the chance to compete at internationals which is held in Orlando, Florida this year.

Congrats and good luck to those competing at state this year!