How would you feel if your alarm clock went off at eight in the morning instead of seven in the morning on Wednesday’s? A rising topic within Boone County, specifically Lebanon High School, has been the topic of late start Wednesday’s. Late start Wednesday’s do not serve as significant a purpose as professional development days or e-learning days – rather, they allow students an extra hour or so or sleep and provide time for any minor meetings that might be going on in the morning between faculty members. As surrounding schools, such as Zionsville and Western Boone, begin transitioning into late start Wednesday’s and E-learning day’s, students have begun to ask whether or not LHS will be next.

Senior Laura Lemen believes that LHS should start participating in late start Wednesday’s. Although she will not be a student at LHS next year, she still thinks they can be really beneficial.

“Late start Wednesday’s would be really beneficial to both students and teachers. Once the middle of the week hits, students start to feel tired or sluggish. Although it would not be a lot of extra sleep, it could be just the amount that some students need in order to be as productive as possible for the rest of the week,” said Lemen.

“I also think they [late start Wednesday’s] would be beneficial because for starters I have trouble getting up early in the morning, as I know most students do, so it can be really difficult for me to get up if I need to get additional help in a class early in the morning. Although I would be waking up ‘early’ on a late start Wednesday if I was going in for help, I would be waking up at my normal time for school. I think that would be really beneficial to a lot of students who either have jobs or extra curricular activities that they are involved in after school,” said Lemen.

Lemen agrees that even though she will not be a student at LHS next year, late start Wednesday’s would be beneficial for many reasons.

Not only would students be able to come into school later, they would still be leaving school at the same time. This would prevent students from having to adjust their work schedules or plan different types of transportation.

Sophomore Haley Pierce agrees that LHS should participate in late start Wednesday’s because she believes it might take a little bit of stress off of the student’s shoulders.

“We will still be getting the education that we get now, it would just be a little adjusted. I do not think an adjusted schedule for one day of the week will really shift the lesson plan’s or disrupt a class. It would rotate every week too because of black and gold days, so I really do not think it would be detrimental to our learning,” said Pierce.

“I think this goes hand-in-hand with E-learning days, but I think I would be productive even with late start Wednesday’s, meaning I would not slack off on my homework because I get a few extra hours of sleep. I also do not think we have to have them [late start Wednesday’s] every week; we could have them once or twice a month just to provide a little break between each week,” said Pierce.

Although late start Wednesday’s sound nice to almost all of the student body, it could be a little difficult for the school to plan out. Between re-arranging bus transportation, to shifting lesson plan’s each week, it could be very tricky for a lot of people.

Sophomore Cade Nelson does not think late start Wednesday’s would be difficult to adjust to.

“They would be very similar to two-hour delays. The school is able to shift the bus schedules around within a few short hours when they call a two-hour delay, and teachers adjust their schedules that same morning, so I do not think it would be difficult. They would have a lot of time to plan out their schedules and parents would have time to plan out transportation too if late start Wednesday’s were initiated. The more planning time, the smoother the transition would go,” said Nelson.

“I know a lot of people who do not like going to school at all but I think late start Wednesday’s would give them a more positive outlook on school. I think it would provide them with something to look forward to rather than resent. It might be a little push of motivation for some students, while other’s will not really care either way,” said Nelson.

It is impossible to please every student that attends at LHS – we are all different in so many ways. But, many students have started talking about the possibility of late start Wednesday’s. Although it takes a lot more planning and decision making than just a few simple discussions about it, students might be headed down the right track for a chance at late start Wednesday’s.