A missing girl was found around 66 miles north of her home in Barron, Wisconsin after being concluded missing on October 15th after her parents, James and Denise Closs, were fatally shot in their home. A strange 911 call led deputies to the Closs home on the night of the murder, although it is not certain who made the call.

Jayme Closs, a 13-year-old girl, was discovered in Gordon, Wisconsin on January 10 by a woman who was walking her dog near the area. Although the details surrounding the woman have not been released, she claimed that Jayme approached her as she walked, asking her for help. The woman immediately took action, taking Jayme to a neighbor’s house where someone called 911.

Just ten minutes after Jayme was found, a suspect named Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, was taken into custody due to suspicion from authorities and Jayme’s claim that he was the perpetrator. He was accused of kidnapping Jayme and the first-degree murder of her parents after keeping the young girl in a remote cabin in Gordon. It has not yet been concluded how she escaped the cabin.

It has not yet been determined how and why Jayme was chosen as a victim by Patterson. Years ago, he worked at the same factory as Jayme’s parents, but he only worked at the facility for one day and authorities have no proof that he came in contact with her parents during this time. Authorities claim that Patterson was out looking for Jayme when he was arrested after being pulled over.

Jayme’s aunt, Kelly Engelhardt, never lost hope throughout the whole process, even though Jayme was missing for months on end. Keeping faith allowed her to think positively during the time that Jayme was missing. Engelhardt was extremely thankful that Jayme had been found, and according to NBC news, “Every day there was hope. We had too much love and support around us to give up hope.”