The NFL playoffs started this January with 12 teams battling for a spot in the super bowl.

The first round of the NFL playoffs started January 5thwith the Colts and Texans playing at 4:35. The colts stole the victory over the Huston Texans 21-7.  Also playing on January 5that 8:15 was the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys with a win for the Cowboys 24-22.  The next day, January 6th, the Chargers and Ravens played at 1:05, the Los Angeles Charges ended up winning 23-17 over the Baltimore Ravens. The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears also played on the 6that 4:40 with an upset of the Eagles winning over the Bears 16-15.

The second round of the playoffs started on January 12that 4:35 with the Indianapolis Colts losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 31-13. The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Los Angeles Rams 30-22 on January 12that 8:15. The next day, January 13that 1:05, the Los Angeles chargers and the New England Patriots played with the Patriots defeating the Chargers 41-28. Also, playing that day were the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints with the saints winning 20-14.

In the AFC championship game, the Patriots took the win over the chiefs 37-31 in overtime. In the NFC championship game, the Rams defeated the saints 26-23 in overtime.

The super bowl will be played on February 3rdin Atlanta, Georgia with the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams going for the 2019 super bowl title.