Art has never been just pencils and paper. There is a multitude of different mediums that artists use in order to display their feelings, thoughts, and personalities for the world to see. While some appreciate blending paint onto canvas, others may enjoy being able to manipulate art through photoshop. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and no matter what medium one is likely to choose, it is all equally amazing once the final product is finished and has come to life.

Junior Taylor Smith’s preferred medium is chalk, which he enjoys because of its malleability, vibrant colors, and simplicity in setting up. He said it works for him the best because it suits his busy lifestyle. The only negative thing that comes with using chalk, Smith mentioned, was the mess it made after use. He recalled many times where his clothes and the air around him would be filled with dust after he finished working on a piece.



“Working hands-on feels authentic, and it displays my personality. It is a great way for me to communicate myself. There is something about the texture of the paper and the chalk that I like to have while I work,” said Smith.

Smith has been drawing, painting, and working with chalk since he was a little kid.


“My mom has had this giant crate of materials I drew up in the attic since I was old enough to hold a crayon,” said Smith.

When Smith started taking art seriously, he began by attempting photorealism, an extremely life-like style of art. However, he slowly transitioned to a more cartoon-like style. He contributes this transition to his hobby of reading manga and watching anime cartoons. The biggest challenge Smith faced while trying to learn his style was studying the complicated ways that light hits a person’s face, which he said it took a long time to successfully replicate.

“I may have been drawing since I was really young, but if you want to and you are only just starting, the first thing you need to do is put a pencil in your hand. Do not be afraid,” said Smith.

Senior Sydney Williams chose painting as her main medium. She says that she enjoys painting the most because she is able to mix the paint to the exact color she needs to match the picture she wants to recreate. For Williams, working with hands-on materials ensures that she will get the result she wants with the maximum amount of control. Williams said that she started painting when she was in elementary school.


“Painting has always been my favorite, I started off with finger painting, like little kids do, but then it just transformed into something bigger,” said Williams.

Williams admits that when it comes to art, she is her biggest critic, and the main thing that sets her back is her judgement of her own pieces. However, she knows from what other people see in her art that her passion pays off, and through that she regains her confidence.

“I love painting because you are able to express yourself by putting something that you feel and envision in your head onto something physical for other people to see,” said Williams.

Senior Sean Brunty takes a digital spin on artistic expression. He prefers graphic design over other mediums due to the easy-going features the software offers.


“If you make a mistake, it is easy to scrub it off since there is a command that can erase without making you redo it all,” Brunty said.


Brunty said that he started digital design around middle school when he discovered his parents’ software programs. It was not as serious at first, but overtime he began to improve and saw the potential in his artwork. Brunty says that the hardest challenge for him so far has been implicating new skills he has learned into new and fresh pieces. When he does, though, he feels endlessly accomplished.

“The patterns float together, with graphic design it is easy to make the piece come to life,” said Brunty.

IMG_0483 2.JPG

No matter what different materials one decides to use in their artwork, many can agree that the product will always come to life at the end if the artist’s heart is fully in it. Without the diversity throughout mediums, one type of art would be boring, which is nothing like the wonderful world of art that we have today and have had for thousands of years.