As we start the second semester, scheduling is quickly approaching.  Although there are certain classes that students are required to take to receive their core 40 diploma, some students may not know about the many elective courses that Lebanon High School has to offer.

LHS has a wide variety of fine art electives that would be enjoyable for artistic students.  Intro to 2D Art and intro to 3D Art are the basic art classes that are offered.  There are also other art classes including: Drawing, Painting, Digital Design, Studio Art, and Visual Communications.  Students that are interested in music might consider taking one of LHS’s many choir or band classes.  These classes also count as a fine arts credit and include: Beginning Chorus, Intermediate Chorus, Advanced Chorus, Charisma, Intermediate Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble Band, Instrumental Percussion & Wind Ensemble, Music Theory & Composition, and Piano & Keyboarding.

Students have a variety of classes to choose from that may pertain to their chosen pathway. For students that want to go down the business pathway, LHS offers a hand full of different business electives. These classes include: Preparing for College and Careers, Intro to Business, Digital Applications, Principles of Marketing, Intro to Accounting, Personal Finance Responsibility, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Business Law & Ethics.

For students interested in the medical field, LHS has a few classes that would be beneficial to those wanting to pursue that type of career. These classes include: Health Science, Medical Terminology, and CNA.  LHS also has a mix of industrial technology classes that would suite students who are interested in that career pathway. These classes include: Intro to Communication and Manufacturing, Intro to Construction, Construction Trades, Intro to Engineering Design, Civil Engineering & Architecture, Engineering Development & Design, and Precision Machining.  LHS offers many Agriculture based classes that would relate to students interested in that field. These classes include: Intro to Agriculture, Agribusiness Management, Animal Science, Food Science, Natural Resources, Landscape Management, Horticulture Science, and Agriculture Power, Structure, & Welding.

Some of the most common electives taken by students at LHS include: Teen Leadership, Psychology, Culinary Arts, and Weights. Teen Leadership is an advanced health class taught by Coach Wright.  This class would be a good choice for students interested in learning more about themselves and their classmates. Psychology is taught by Mr. Howe and Mrs. Kasey. Culinary would be a great class for student who would like to learn how to cook. Lastly, weights class is and advanced PE class for students who would like to be involved in physical activity.

Overall, LHS has a lot of elective courses that many students may not have known about. With scheduling right around the corner, be sure to consider these unique classes when filling out your schedule for the next school year.