Throughout high school there are always a few teachers who stand out and really make a impact on students’ lives and their individual personalities. Here at Lebanon High School there are a broad spectrum of teacher’s that stand out to LHS students.


Senior Briana Deckard has a teacher that stands out to here which is Jason Joris who is a business teacher here at LHS. Deckard believes that if she did not junior year take Mr. Joris Business Law & Ethics class with Joris that she would not now today have a love for law today. Deckard has found that Joris makes the subjects taught in class less dull and more interesting to the hook you in.screen shot 2019-01-22 at 9.01.19 am

            “Joris makes his class atmosphere truly more entertaining to keep the students interests”, Said Decker



Junior Gabriel Slinker teacher Mrs. Schoeff whom is a visual/performing arts teacher to make an impact on his life in particular. Linker has found that Schoeff is very considerate and very caring towards others and unlike other teachers at LHS .Slinker many times in class has seen Schoeff take student’s point of views on things in to consideration. In class Schoeff truly values student’s opinions and what they have to say.

“Mrs. Schoeff is really nice and super accepting of everyone and does not judge anyone and their choices made in life.”, Said Slinker


Sophomore Khushi Patel is currently taking health science education which Jennifer Hines teaches and really enjoys Hines as a teacher. Patel thinks that Mrs. Hines always knows how to have a great classroom environment and loves how she is always honest. Khushi along with her busy schedule with honor classes and all the clubs she is involved in finds it amazing that Mrs. Hines does not ever assign homework in her class.screen shot 2019-01-22 at 9.01.27 am

            “Mrs. Hines makes learning about our bodies and doing labs to learn new things interesting ”, Said Khushi



Freshman, Kaylee Anderson has found Angie Coddington to be her favorite teacher so far at the high school. Anderson believes Coddington is very helpful and helps her whenever she needs help in her English class. Anderson if she needs a laugh can always rely on Mrs. Coddington to surely make her laugh.

“Mrs. Coddington by far has to be the sweetest and most understanding teacher I have ever had out of all my teacher I have over the years.”, Said Anderson

Senior Sean Brunty has never met a teacher quite like Mrs. Davis who teaches digital design and also some math classes. Brunty has had many goals in life and along the way Mrs. Davis has always believed in his capabilities. Brunty really enjoys that Mrs. Davis understands his car Stella because many of people think his car is a lost cause.

     “Mrs. Davis is my favorite, simply because she fully understands who I am as a person rather than a student”, Said Brunty

Junior Cameron Townsend finds Mr. Adkins who works in the math department at LHS to be a very fascinating teacher. Townsend has Adkins this year and has found him to constantly have a fun learning environment in his classroom no matter the subject. Townsend believes that the environment in Adkins classroom is also comfortable because there is never a “stupid “question and Adkins is always open to answering any questions you might have.

  “I think out of the teachers at LHS Mr. Adkins has a unique teaching method and tries to relate his teaching to real life.”, Said Townsend

Junior Macey Kenna’s favorite teacher is Courtney Livesay who is an English teacher. Livesay makes her classroom more of a family environment rather than just a typical classroom environment. Kenna likes to think of Livesay as a more fun teacher that has her serious and jokingly times. She thinks what helps make Livesay stand out as a teacher to her is her overall personality.

“Livesay runs a club with Mrs.Shover called SADD so, I get to connect with her more in the classroom and in the club and she has been one of the teachers who has had an influence on me “, Said Kenna

Throughout LHS there are many talented teachers who make a daily impact on students’ lives. The student’s opinions really matter and we have such phenomenal teachers to teach the students.