It’s that time of year again when many people seem to be down in the dumps. Winter depression is also known as a seasonal affective disorder that scientists learn more about every day.

Weights coach Mr. Turner said, “I think that most people get winter depression because the sun is not always out, therefore, they are lacking Vitamin D. Ways to help prevent winter depression our taking vitamin D supplements or tanning.”

Students at LHS are unaware of winter depression or claim it is not an actual thing. However, most students and school facility say they have suffered from it. Junior Karis Scott mentions what gets her down during the winter months.

“Winter Depression is a real thing not only do I hate the snow but I also hate busting my butt on the ice,” said Scott.

Signs that you might have winter depression include but not limited to are a change of appetite, more or less sleep lack of concentration and weight gain.

“The days are much shorter in the winter. Somedays my truck won’t start because it is so cold. It is just cold we have barely had any snow this year,” said senior Brad James.

Other suggestions are to dress warm and go out more because the more sunlight you endure the more Vitamin D you will be getting.

“I have had winter depression because it is so cold outside and this is not much to do when you are locked up inside all day,” said junior Grace Elbury.

Get some sleep and feed your body with Vitamin D to prevent this seasonal depression.