Roughly one-quarter of the government reopened Friday, ending the longest government shutdown. A deal was made between Trump and Congress, but he was still not granted the $5.7 billion dollars he demanded to build his wall along the US-Mexico border. Lawmakers have a deadline of February 15th to address border security.

Congress reconvened Monday and will begin working on a border security compromise to prevent another closure. Trump has stated that he will shut down the government again unless a border deal is reached, although he has also expressed skepticism that an acceptable deal can be made.

Trump has also claimed that it is a possibility that he would declare a national emergency to get money for his wall. Democrats oppose border wall funding but do back funding for additional border security measures. Some examples of these measures are advanced technology and additional border control agents.

Republicans are weary of another shutdown as many blame Trump and his party for the shutdown. Workers who were not getting paid during the shutdown will get paid this week for the five weeks of missed paychecks.

Trump is now bashing Fox News journalist Ann Coulter, and others for their comments about the shutdown and its (possibly temporary) end.

CNN quoted the AP’s Johnathan Lemire saying, “Trump turning on Fox News feels like a pretty good read on his frustration level about how the end of the shutdown is being portrayed across the media landscape.”

He has confirmed that he is willing to declare a national emergency if he doesn’t get what he wants out of the upcoming border security negotiations. Many conservative allies have said that the democratic party is unwilling to compromise.

House Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows stated that “Nancy Pelosi’s newest funding proposal doesn’t represent any serious attempt to secure our border or find a compromise. A $1.3 billion Democrat wish list that includes zero money for a border barrier is a non-starter and will not be a legitimate answer to this impasse.”

Because of the shutdown, Trump’s poll rates have fallen and some Republican senators have threatened to abandon the White House. Stories emerged of government employees attending food banks and being unable to afford chemotherapy.

February 15th, being only a few weeks away, is an upcoming deadline that many who were already affected by the five-week shutdown are nervously waiting for.