Chris Brown, a famous American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor, has been charged with multiple charges of both battery and robbery over time.

In 2009, 19-year-old Chris Brown had a vicious fight with his former girlfriend Rihanna.  It was after the couple left the pre-Grammy party and had already been nominated for two awards each.  The couple got into a public altercation which hospitalized Rihanna.

Brown was charged with battery and officially completed probation in March of 2015.  While being interviewed on Good Morning America, Brown stormed off the set and broke a window in his dressing room after being asked about the domestic abuse case.

In February of 2012, Brown was at a club in Miami Beach and noticed a woman taking a photo of him from outside of the club.  To avoid any pictures being taken, he snatched the phone out of her hands through the window of the car she was in.  He was then accused of one count of robbery.

In June of 2013, Deanna Gines accused Brown of shoving her to the ground at a club in Orange County. Gines said the incident left her with torn ligaments on her right knee, causing her to need surgery.

In September of 2015, Brown forcibly ejected a woman from his bus during a video shoot in Colorado after she refused to give up her cell phone.  The woman claimed he had broken her phone and filed a report for third-degree assault.

There were also 3 different incidents that had happened in 2016 with Chris Brown.  In January, he was accused of punching a woman in the face and taking her phone at a night club in Las Vegas.  Before the assault, she had been trying to take a picture with Brown at a private party.  Brown was able to avoid these charges.

The second incident in 2016 happened in May when he allegedly brutally attacked a former manager of his, Mike G.  Brown’s tour manager, Nancy Ghosh, also claimed he had threatened a similar attack against her.

The third incident to take place in 2016 was when a woman accused Brown of threatening her with a gun after she had showed up at his house in August.  Brown posted several pictures and videos to Instagram during the stand-off of him stating his innocence.  The police could not enter and search the home until they received a search warrant.

Brown was arrested in 2016 on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Recently, in January of 2019, Brown is yet again facing more charges for allegedly raping a woman in Paris, France.  This incident happened after Brown called the woman into his room at the Le Mandarin Oriental hotel.  She and her friend had met Brown earlier at Le Crystal club and were both invited to go back to the hotel with him.

After this incident, Brown was arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape.

Sophomore Clara McQueen at Lebanon High School enjoys listening to Chris Brown’s music.  Though she does not agree with his decision making as a person, she still believes he is a good artist and makes good music.

Senior Caroline Reese at LHS also listens to Chris Brown with “Tempo” being her favorite song.  Reese believes the artist does not make the best decisions and wishes he had made better ones in the past.

“I like Chris Brown’s music, but it is hard to support someone that treats people so terribly.  Chris Brown is still a good person, except for when he abuses people,” said Reese.