In Los Angeles, California teachers took a stand on what they believed in and held a six-day strike to fight for what they thought was right. This six-day long strike was held to fight for a 6% raise, decrease in class size, more counselors, more librarians and more nurses. The strike started on Monday January 14thand lasted six days. These teachers toughed out this week-long strike to decrease their classroom size of 45 to help them get a more one on one learning experience.

The strike had a huge cost on the school district, costing them more than $125 million. In California the state funds schools based on daily attendance and due to the strike, the number of students attending plunged majorly. Parents were even helping the strike by keeping their kids out of school hoping that it would keep hurting the school’s funds resolving the solution quicker.

This strike leads to a 21 hour long negotiating session between the union leaders and the Los Angeles unified school district. There were two main issues that were discussed. They discussed how much money to spend on more school staffing and teachers raise and whether the school district actually has that kind of money to spend.

The school district agreed with the teachers that they need smaller class sizes, more staffing, and bigger raises for the teachers. They decided to lower classroom sizes through a three-year period. In grades third and lower the class sizes will be capped at 24-27 students per classroom. They will also be adding around 300 nurses to schools within the next two years.  They will also be adding 77 new counselors to the schools, changing the ratio of counselor to students now 1:500. They are adding 82 librarians to all secondary schools allowing high schools and middle schools to have a librarian in their school. Lastly, the teachers will all be receiving a 6% raise during the school year.

During this week-long strike, teachers were also supported by other people in the community that support their hard work in the classroom. Actors, musicians, politicians, and firefighters were all there on strike with them showing their support showing how important teachers jobs are.