On January 20th, 2018 the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints played each other to see who would win the NFC and to see who would be going to the Super Bowl. The score for the game was 26-23. There is a huge controversy over the game because the referees did not call a pass interference after targeting during the game. The Saints believe that they have been cheated out of being able to play at the Super Bowl. The Saints fans want a replay from the game from where the penalty should have occurred but the chances of that happening so close to the Super Bowl is slim to none and people are not going to the Super Bowl now because the situation that took place at the Rams vs Saints game. As of Monday, there is a Rams-Saints lawsuit that is being moved into the federal court so that there is an equal and not size. Lebanon High School students share their opinion on the overall Rams and Saints game.


Senior Ross Wood watched the Saints vs. Rams game and was disappointed by the outcome. Wood thinks that there was a blown call that could have honestly changed the whole outcome of the game. He is one of the few students here at LHS who had not heard about the petition that Saints fans were signing for there to be a rematch game. Wood is not a huge fan of the Rams or the Saints.


“The rematch will not happen because if that happen many unwanted doors would be opened in the NFL, “said Wood.


Senior Kraemer Keller is stoked that the Rams are going to the Super Bowl now but, he thinks that the missed call is the only reason the Rams won the game. Keller is grateful that the referees missed calling that call. He thinks that this call has been blown way out of portion and that people should just go on with their lives.


“Yes, there should be a rematch but there is always missed calls in football, that one was just a bit major, “said Keller.


Senior Tyler Parker is a huge Saints fans and was devastated when he learned that the Saints would not be going to the super bowl. Parker truly believes that there should be a rematch game because of the missed call. Parker has no interest in watching the Super Bowl because the saints got cheated out of the opportunity.


“I think that this shows that the NFL does not care about the missed calls and that if you pay a ref that you will get the outcome you want and calls will not be called,” said Parker.


Junior Christian Parks is hands down a Saint fans all the way. Parks is not satisfied with the outcome of there being nothing done about the blown call and the Rams should not be going to the Super Bowl. Parks was not aware of the petition that was put in place but if he knew about it sooner he definitely would have signed it.

“The Saints were the superior team throughout the entire game and should have won, “said Parks.


Freshman Abigail Lamay is a Saints fans along with most students here at LHS. Lamay typically does not have an interest in football but this game sparked her attention. Lamay gets why some many people were furious but personally, she was not furious at the outcome of the game. Lamay does believe that the game was very unfair and idiotic.


“If there was a missed call then, there would probably be another in the next game, and people would just get more upset,” said Lamay.


When conducting a poll of 400 students throughout LHS I found out that only 15% of our school are Rams fans while 85% of our school are Saints fans. There might be more love for one team over the other but overall everyone at LHS loves football. What is done within this game is done and some students are happy while others are disappointed.