Gillette is a brand of both men’s and women’s safety razors and other self-care products.

Recently, Gillette released a commercial that has received gotten both positive and negative feedback from their watchers because of it being against “toxic masculinity.” This commercial has become the 28thmost disliked YouTube video out of all YouTube videos.  The commercial has over one million dislikes.

Within the commercial it shows women being harassed by men, boys fighting, and other men stepping up and stopping the incidents.  The company says it was meant to tackle “toxic masculinity”.

“It has been aired on television as much as many ads are because it’s been shown in all the news programs,” said University of Toronto professor, David Soderman.

This commercial was made to increase the number of customers, yet we will not see the true reactions until later on because not all customers are sharing their opinion on Twitter or any other social media, they are either buying more of the product or switching to a different brand.

According to Soderman, “Broader research shows that brands that have a higher purpose, beyond just selling products, outperform, on average, other companies.”

“There’s recent research that shows younger consumers, in particular, do want to make purchase decisions aligned with their social values and their belief,” said Puneeta McBryan, president of the Ad Club of Edmonton.

The positive feedback from this commercial supported the idea of “toxic masculinity” being a problem in society. Meaning, the “manliness” of men is a problem because men need to be more feminine or gentle.

The negative feedback from this commercial was against the idea of “toxic masculinity” being a problem in society. These viewers believe there is nothing wrong with the manliness of men we have today.

Other companies have sacrificed their businesses like Gillette did here, in making commercials while standing up for something they believed in.  These companies include Nike, Dove and Pepsi.  Some companies like Nike profit from these commercials, even after having major negative backlash from it.

Here is the full Gillette commercial: