One, two, three, four, flip. Those are some of the things that go through the Tigerettes mind as they compete at a competition. For the first time in 14 years the Tigerettes competed as a Winter Guard team, rather than a dance team.

The team is made up of one boy and 16 girls. The three senior girls are also the captains. Aerial Womock, Alyssa Smith, and Caitlyn Milks all three help coach Amanda Wines by leading practices, helping underclassmen, and helping build a bond throughout the team.

The first competition was held at Plainfield High School. The Tigerettes placed 2ndout of 12 other groups. This was a huge accomplishment, especially as a first year Winter Guard group.

A new addition to the team this year is senior Jacob Tribby. Tribby had thought about joining Tigerettes for the guard portion but was unable to do guard in the marching band season. He then reached out to head coach Amanda Wines.

“I had always wanted to do marching band, but I never did. I never considered myself a dancer, but after seeing you could throw a rifle or you could spin a flag, I always wanted to do that. And so I said ‘I’m a senior, let’s do it’ and so I went and talked to Amanda, which is the head coach,”  said Tribby.

The Tigerettes work really hard to put the show together, especially since it is their first winter guard show they have done. The team practices Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before their competition.

Many of them feel like they are more equipped to be in winter guard rather than dance. Senior Alyssa Smith prefers winter guard over dance.

“She [Amanda] thinks that we have a better chance at winter guard and that we have better skills to be in winter guard, I feel like I have better skills to be there,” said Smith

Tribby added that he was thankful he joined, and that Tigerettes are not only for girls.

“They are always looking for guys, even if you think it is only for girls, it is really not. Winter guard is growing with males and it is definitely something they [males] could do. So, if they are interested in doing it they should do it.” Said Tribby.

Their season is in winter guard just beginning, but the Tigerettes are working hard day in and day out to produce something they are proud of.