The Pennant staff and Mr. Milakovic’s broadcasting class had the opportunity to visit Wish-TV in Indianapolis for the day in order to gain insider knowledge on the broadcasting and news industry. While there, students were given the opportunity to speak with professionals in different fields required to make live television air, all on a tour provided by executive assistant Nicole Boone!

On the tour students learned the improv side of being a meteorologist on air, as well as developing a better understanding of the pace and pressure newscasters are under everyday as their career. Students saw Randy Ollis deliver the upcoming weather without a script on live television!

Students had the opportunity to talk with host Tracy Forner for Indy Style and the show’s producer Janine Garner. There students were given the opportunity to walk on set and ask questions about the dynamic and flow of the show on a daily basis.

During another part of the tour students were able to briefly speak with newscaster Phil Sanchez during commercial breaks and sit in the room as the show was on air!

Lydia Roberts, Katherine Patterson and JR Brandhoefer sat in the hot seat as they were asked to create a mock newscast in the same place as newscasters when delivering breaking news!

As the tour concluded students ran into radio personality Laura Steele where she shared her passion for music and her career! She later gave Lebanon Tigers a shout out during her “80’s at 8” time slot!

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Senior Lydia Roberts in mock breaking newscast