Many people are upset with the 61stAnnual Grammy Awards. This year this was not a host, Ariana Grande was advertised to perform, but did not and Mac Miller’s parents were left with a sad ending to their dead son’s career accomplishments.

Was there an Upset with the 2019 Grammy Awards? There has been a rumor spread across America about how Ariana Grande dropped out of performing at the Grammy’s last minute. Though, Grande states those are false claims. Grande was asked to perform, but nothing was in fine print. It was only a discussion that took place. Rumors say that she did not want to do it because there was not enough time to pull the act altogether. However, that is not what Grande tweeted on February 7th, 2019.


Her mother, Joan Grande completely stood behind her by posting this tweet.


The Grande family believes this is all just money and politics. Ariana Grande was already advertised to perform before she had even given them consent.

Here is what some of the LHS student’s beliefs were about Ariana Grande situation.

“I support anything Ariana Grande does. The story sounds kind of bitter, but I love her so I cannot be mad at her,” said sophomore Tucker Ransom.

“I believe that her presence should have been there because she is one of the most famous popstar artists out. I believe she is outselling everyone with her new album in her genre, Sweeter,” said senior Ryan McConnaha.

Another major upset was Mac Miller being nominated for Rap Album of the Year and his parents being invited to attend. The album was titled Swimming. This was Mac Millers first ever nomination. Unfortunately, Miller did not end up receiving the Grammy Award. This brought shock to all of his fans; and an even bigger upset for his parents. Many people are saying that it was thoughtless to invite the parents knowing he was not going to win the award.

This is what LHS student’s thoughts were on the Mac Miller incident.

“It feels pretty insensitive to me; considering his passing is still a raw subject. I believe that it was a scandal to create publicity vs actually caring,” said sophomore Macy Hill.

“That is so messed up; it makes me mad. He should have gotten it. They should not have invited his family if he was not even going to get a Grammy award,” said sophomore Jaelie Mitchell.

“That is so rude. I do not know what the right thing to do was, but that was to mean,” said freshman Abrianna Murphy.

“I feel like it is so tragic. It is so heartbreaking. I believe that their son created beautiful music. I understand that he died over a drug overdose but they invited his parents even though he did not win an award. That is tragic. The situation is unfortunate,” said junior Lucy Gascho.

These incidents lead to major upsets. Leaving the people to wonder if the Grammy’s a ploy?