Baskets, goals, courts, fields, and…flags? Most typical winter activities are the ones that are well known like basketball, soccer, tennis, and football. But, Winter Guard is an interesting winter activity that takes time, and a lot of focus. At LHS, the Tigerettes team has recently shifted from winter dancing towards the prospect of Winter Guard, which is basically an indoor Color Guard team. This has allowed them to become even more dedicated to the sport, and they have recently received the benefits from that.

One student, senior Aerial Womack, is excited about the new opportunity to take part in Winter Guard because of her passion for Tigerettes and Color Guard.

“There’s a lot more tricks we can do with equipment, and we dance with equipment a lot more than we did during Color Guard. I wanted to do it so I could try something new,” said Womack.

The Tigers’ Winger Guard team hopes to make it to state this year. Individually, Aerial is hoping for a season in which she can improve her skills.

“I hope to improve my rifle and sabre skills. A sabre is like a little sword and the rifle is what we spin. Winter Guard focuses more on equipment,” said Womack.

Senior Caitlyn Milks, another member of Winter Guard, is looking forward to a new experience in the winter activity. Although she has been in Color Guard for a few years, she wanted to try something new with the Winter Guard.

“I enjoy that Winter Guard combines what our team used to be, a dance team, and what it is now; it is taking both of those worlds and combining it into one,” said Milks.

Like Womack, Milks is hoping to improve her skills before the Winter Guard season kicks off and they begin practicing four days a week rather than two or three.

“I hope to improve my flag skills. Winter Guard is a lot more challenging, and it is a challenge I’ve never had before, and I’m really excited to grow with this,” said Milks.

This February, the Winter Guard team has received the opportunity to be rewarded for all of their hard work this season.

At the Terre Haute South competition, which took place at the Terre Haute South High School, the team captured a well-deserved first place title out of around eight competing teams.

Congratulations to the Winter Guard team!

IMG_0338Caitlyn Milks (left behind first person) & Aerial Womack (right)