As Apple has come out with new phones every single year they have broadened their spectrum to introducing Apple Watches. Apple watches have been out since 2015 and there are four types of apple watches like the Series one through Series four . Although, on the outside they look elegant they are pretty pricey ranging from $249 for Series one and $399 for the Series four. Through different models of Apple Watches comes different features like Series 3 and Series 4 you can get data put on your watch and they are both waterproof. These watches you can check your heart rate, time, date, messages, emails , and even call on. Lebanon High School Students share their thoughts on Apple Watches.


Senior Briana Deckard has a Apple Watch Series one which she loved at first but, now prefers wearing her Fitbit because it does more for her then her Apple Watch did. Deckard does not mind only having the series one because she does not need all the “fancy” things that go with the Series Three and Four. She believes that the price is not reasonable because it is an easy scam to get people to pay that much for an Apple watch and it causes an oligopoly. Deckard thinks that Fitbit is more user friendly than the watches.


“A tip I would give to people wanting an Apple Watch is to go cheap and just look for what you need rather then what you want it to have “said Deckard.


Junior Lauren Gascho, absolutely loves her Apple Watch Series three. Gascho uses her watch to track her workouts. She thinks that the price of the watch is reasonable because of the features that come along with the watch. Gascho would definitely recommend buying a apple watch because it is worth it. She enjoys her series 3 because it’s waterproof which is great because of she is a swimmer.


“I typically use my apple watch when I’m swimming to track my progress and it helps me with my workout and it is always accurate “said Gascho.


Senior Jacob Tribby has a variety of Apple Products from an Iphone, Air pods and Series four watch. Tribby would describe himself as an apple enthusiast because he absolutely loves their products and thinks that every product is beneficial to him. He shattered his screen of his Apple watch series three and was able to fix the screen himself instead of having someone do it for him. Tribby’s only complaint about Apple Watches is their price because it is pretty expensive. He uses his watch for texting, scribbling, and the calendar. He believes that the cellular data that you can include with your watch for a little extra a month is a waste of your money and is not needed unless you are a person who forgets their phone a lot at home. Tribby would advise someone who is about to purchase an Apple Watch to get the Apple Care two-year warranty that you can get because it covers about everything besides if you lose it.


“I would definitely recommend this product to people because it is a great product and I absolutely love it and believe that like other billion-dollar companies that Apple has a smart marketing system” said Tribby.


Junior Hailey Taylor is fortunate enough to have an apple watch but it is not a necessity she need. Taylor thinks that Apple Watches are nice and look sleek but , not everyone should have one because they are not all that like people say they are. Taylor on a typical day uses her watch throughout the day for many tasks like texting when she does not have her phone or even tracking how active she is throughout the day.


“One tip I would have to give someone about to purchase a Apple Watch is to if you are on a budget look at a series one or series two because they are way cheaper and do not have all those extra features” said Taylor.


From Students at LHS some student’s love their apple devices while others prefer other ones. The Apple Watch has many uses to student and can be beneficial throughout the day to help track heart rate , activity, mail, text messages. Although, the price is can be to students somewhat unreasonable some students still chose to pay the price because in the end it is worth it.