Do you ever wonder if there were reasons behind things that happen that we do not see ourselves?  Do you ever wonder what these thoughts could potentially turn into?  Conspiracy theories are beliefs that something is responsible for an event and these have been increasingly getting more popular every day.

Shane Dawson’s conspiracies have been going through the roof ever since they were posted on YouTube.  Some of his theories include: iPhones secretly recording their owners at all times, popular children’s TV shows contain subliminal messages about committing suicide, Chuck E. Cheese’s recycling their pizza and the recent string of the California wildfires were set on purpose either by home-owners or a directed energy weapon.

Dawson’s YouTube conspiracy theory videos have gotten over 30 million views, drawing in 20 million views. His conspiracy theory videos have also started a public feud with Chuck E. Cheese’s since the release of his theory of the restaurant reusing the leftover pizza slices from customers to make new pizzas.

Kendall Rae is another YouTuber that posts many conspiracy theories.  Some of her conspiracy theories include: aliens being in the universe, the possibility of aliens visiting the Earth, the sinking of the Titanic possibly being on purpose, 9/11 theories, the Bermuda triangle and many more.

Sophomore at Lebanon High School Belle Echeverria absolutely believes in conspiracy theories because they are more fun than anything to believe in.  She has watched all of Dawson’s videos multiple times through and also enjoys watching Rae’s conspiracy theories.

Echeverria believes in both the Mandela Effect and the Chuck E. Cheese theory.  According to, the Mandela Effect is a form of collective misremembering of common events or details first emerged in 2010, when countless people on the internet falsely remembered Nelson Mandela was dead.

“Honestly at this point, anything is possible,”said Echeverria.

Sophomore at LHS Emma Patterson also believes in conspiracy theories. She too, watches Shane Dawson and believes in the Mandela Effect and the Chuck E. Cheese conspiracy theories. Patterson has also watched documentaries over conspiracy theories along with episodes on Netflix.

“I believe in most of Shane Dawson’s theories, but some of them are over the edge.  For example, one of the conspiracy theories is all watches being set to 10:10 so the clock looks happy, making people want to buy it.  This is just a marketing tactic and he made it sound over-the-edge,” said Patterson.

Not all people believe in these conspiracy theories, however.  Freshman Abby Thomas and Sophomore Chloe Beltran both do not believe in these conspiracies made.  Neither of them watches Shane Dawson but have watched the conspiracy theory over the moon landing being fake.

“Most of the conspiracy theories are stupid and are proven wrong,” said Thomas.

The most popular conspiracy theories have been made by Shane Dawson and Kendall Rae and have been posted to YouTube.  Netflix also has conspiracy theory videos called “Conspiracies”, “Conspiracy Theory” and more.