Three-dimensional art is one of the most useful means of making anything you want to create come to life before your eyes. In the 3-D Art classes that are offered here at Lebanon High School, there are several students whose job is to do just that. These students have mastered the art of turning clay, chalk or paper into something that takes on a life of its own.

Junior Hannah Poindexter decided to join 3-D art in order to try an art class she had never done before to gain new experiences and a different aspect on art.


“I like making art come alive and being able to see it in 3-D and touch it.  Since middle school, I have always taken art classes and realized I like coloring and designing,” said Poindexter.

Although Poindexter said that there were no real drawbacks to working with three-dimensional art, she admitted that for her it takes lots of precision and hard work to complete a piece that she is satisfied with.


“I think the only thing about 3-D art that is different from other types is that you have to be extremely patient because it takes more time,” Poindexter said.

Poindexter said that her favorite thing the class has made so far was jewelry, and she liked it the most because she had never made jewelry herself. For her, the new experience felt like a new take on the world of 3-D art, which made her excited to finish the project.

Senior Isabella Purtlebaugh began taking advanced 3-D art because she felt it was a class that would grow her skill set. Before taking this class, she had dabbled in drawing and sketching. Her experience in drawing makes it easier for her to plan out her 3-D pieces before she begins the actual construction.

“My favorite part of the class is being able to discover what I am capable of. Working with Mrs. Beeson is really helpful in letting me do that, she’s an amazing teacher,” said Purtlebaugh.

Purtlebaugh likes to be able to try new things in the class, including embroidery.

“My favorite part of 3-D design is embroidery with threading and cloth. I like being able to learn the different stitches and seeing the picture come alive. It was my all-time favorite unit, I loved it,” said Purtlebaugh.

Junior Cole Abner contributes his enjoyment of advanced 3-D art to being able to build something of his own out of only a few materials. He joined the class because he thought it would be a fun class, and after he took it he began to like it more.


“I like making sculptures because it is so hands-on and you can interact with it. With sculpting, you can make anything you want,” said Abner.

No matter what medium is used, when it comes to 3-D art, there are many ways to create something that inspires you and cause the pieces to be larger than life.