For some, there is nothing like the feeling of making people laugh. Bringing joy to others is something that ignites joy within themselves. At Lebanon High School, there is no better way to spread laughter than to join the Comedy Sportz team. Comedy Sportz is a club affiliated with Lebanon High School that travels in order to compete against several different schools to see who can make their audience laugh the most.

Comedy Sportz is primarily based on improvisation, where actors are presented with a randomly selected situation, and they are left with nothing else but their wit and stage presence to create a humorous situation for the audience. Improv acting is never based on a script, the actors must make up their lines on their own. During practices, the students go over certain game rules, but during competition, they never know what their unique situation will be. Practicing these games makes the students used to getting put on the spot.

Senior Bobby Moody has become a shining star in the world of Comedy Sportz. He has been known by many students to light up any room he walks into, and he impresses many of his peers through his quick-witted responses to the improv games the students play during practice.

“Bobby is so sweet and so funny. I think he is one of the quickest thinkers on the team. I can tell that when we are playing games that he gets things really quickly and makes it so funny,” said freshman Anneliese Wolfgang.

Moody’s teammates are continually impressed by his vibrant stage presence and the way he captures the audience’s attention during the performances.

“He is probably our best player, he is just naturally funny and even when he is not actually playing the game all the audience is just watching him because he is so captivating,” said senior Laura Lemen.

“He brings a different energy to the team, he gives it a little more life than it already had and it is so cool,” said Wolfgang.

Moody is known to be able to pick up games extremely quickly and is even said by some to be the best at coming up with the funniest jokes completely on the spot.

“Whenever he plays the games he thinks of things that other people never think of, and he picks a lot of the games that he really enjoys and it makes the rest of us enjoy them. It is so much more fun with him around,” said Wolfgang.

“He is really good at the game Interrogation, which is a pun game. Somebody is in jail for something, and Bobby’s favorite thing to say is ‘the truth will come out!’, it is so cute,” said Lemen.

Moody joined Comedy Sportz after the Rachel Becker, the club sponsor, and Patty Bohannon, the special needs teacher, encouraged him to join.

“Bobby is awesome. He has been a part of our team for a while now and he is always very excited about improv. He is consistently willing to try new things and take risks. He is so good at improv and makes all of us work harder,” said Becker.

“He is a great kid, he tries hard, and he really wants to do well in school. He wants to be with all the other students, he is extremely social,” said Bohannon.

Upon being asked why she picked him to join Comedy Sportz, Bohannon said that she saw a spark in Bobby when she introduced him to the comedy show. She saw the minute he laid his eyes on the stage that he was meant to be on it.

“I like to take my students to at least one Comedy Sportz match a year, and when he was younger he was just so excited about it and would talk about it so much, he would talk about it all the next day. He always likes to tell jokes in the room so I thought there would be an opportunity there for him,” said Bohannon.

Moody enjoys performing at the home games of Comedy Sportz with the rest of the team. This year he was able to partake in a competition in Indianapolis. Moody typically performs in the traditional Lebanon vs. Lebanon matches that kick off and end the club’s season.

“Before I was only watching the shows, and then I saw Ms. Becker and she said that I was an honorary member of Comedy Sportz,” said Moody.

He admitted that his favorite part of the club was the games that the group play, both in practice and onstage during competition.

“I joined because I like comedy and I like being funny and making people laugh,” Moody said. “I feel really good when I make people laugh.”

Moody shared that he rarely gets nervous while onstage, and he only focuses on making people laugh and helping his team towards another win. He has high hopes that this coming season will go well for both him and his team, and until then he will remain excited to make his audience laugh as much as possible.

Provided below is the schedule for upcoming Comedy Sportz shows:

Tue Mar 5

6:30pm – 8:00pm @ Bishop Chatard

Thu Mar 28

7:00pm – 9:00pm @ Lebanon (vs Cardinal Ritter)

Thu Apr 11

7:00pm – 9:00pm @ Lebanon (vs Noblesville High School)

Tue Apr 23

7:00pm – 9:00pm @ Lebanon (vs TBD)

Tue May 7

7:00pm – 9:00pm @ Westfield

Thu May 16

7:00pm – 9:00pm @ Lebanon (vs Lebanon High School)