On February 15th,2019 from approximately 7:00-10pm Lebanon High School held a Sadie’s Hawkins dance. This dance was not like homecoming or even prom it was one where it broke the stereotype of guys asking girls because the girls had to ask the guys to the dance. Many students enjoyed this dance with or without a date. This was the first Sadie’s dance at LHS and it was definitely a success.


Junior Erin Shallenberger is on Student Council and was very excited for this dance because it was something different and another school dance that all grades could go to like a homecoming. Shallenberger heard from her peers that everyone loved the new dj and that even though it was a small dance, it had a big turnout. She definitely could see there being another dance like this next year but they may try to push it closer to frost fest because that is what It ordinally was supposed to be but the date just kept getting pushed back.

We were also very happy to donate a generous amount of profit back to the thirst project” said Shallenberger.


Senior Rafe Crow was pleased with the outcome from having this dance and how many students came and got involved. Crow thinks that next year since it was originally supposed to be a frost fest dance will be closer to frost fest rather than Valentine’s day. He believes that they could of gotten a bigger outcome if they would of advertised better. Crow heard from students that there was enough room to the point the gym was comfortable and not crammed like homecoming was for some people.


We put more effort in to this Sadie’s dance then we did for homecoming and the decorations were nice but we as Student Council need to next year do more advertising and get the word around more” said Crow.


Freshman Sofia Argotte had a blast with her friends at the dance. Argotte went to Sadie’s with her friend Madison. Argotte had nothing better to do on that Friday night and it gave her and her friends time to spend time together at a school dance. She thinks that the DJ was so much even better than the one they had at homecoming.


“I liked homecoming this year but I think Sadie’s was way more better and put on then homecoming and I had more of blast at this dance and I definitely if they have a dance similar to this next year will be going” said Argotte .



Overall, the students that went to the Sadie’s Hawkins dance enjoyed the night and danced the night away. We can thank Student Council for making this dance possible for LHS students because it was an unforgettable night for many. Most Student Council members are hoping to do this dance again next year and to make it an even more better dance then it was this year.