As it drew controversy throughout the town of Lebanon, the downtown square was recently remodeled under authority of Mayor Matt Gentry. No doubt about it, the changes to downtown Lebanon are quite a sight, but some citizens of Lebanon believe that the taxpayers money should have not been spent on such a product.

Sophomore Calista Cole states that the transformation of the town square was not necessary.

“I think some of the changes that have been made on the square are very unnecessary. For one, the changes have made it much harder to drive through. To me, the roads seem a lot more narrow. Also, I feel that the big circles that they will be putting flowers in will not be taken care of,” said Cole.

Cole believes that the mayor should have spent the money on anything else besides what was put on the square that conflicts with driving. However, she does like how the lights have been added in the alley because it is a great place to take pictures.

“The construction and renovation that they have done to the square has not been helpful at all and I don’t think it will be maintained properly,” said Cole.

Junior Jill Merritt shares some similar opinions with Cole.

“I like the look of the lights strung along the back street. It makes the street look really nice. Also, the bricks look really nice, but I don’t like how tight and narrow the roads are. The parking is too configured and I wish it was accessible from both sides,” said Merritt.

“However, I appreciate the increased flowerbeds. I can see that being really pretty in the spring and summer time. I just wished they hadn’t removed those big trees and monuments to make way for the construction,” said Merritt.

Junior Cole Asbury has always been passionate about politics and what is going on in the world around him. He was very interested in creating in opinion on the new construction downtown.

“I like the look of the new square. It looks much nicer and will attract more people. I would expand it beyond the square a little bit more to make it much more different,” said Asbury.

“The decision by Mayor Gentry was smart because it will attract more people and businesses just like Zionsville has done,” said Asbury.

Senior Delynn Harmon was very pleased with the changes made in Lebanon.

“I love the difference on the square because it is super aesthetically attractive and it makes Lebanon look more professional. I think if I were to change anything, it would be adding lights to more sides of the square. I have not noticed it at all being harder to drive through. Overall, it is super cool to see Lebanon moving up in the world,” said Harmon.

There’s always two sides to every story, and here in Lebanon, you either are happy with the adjustments made to the square or not. Students at Lebanon High School differentiate with their opinions but ultimately Mayor Gentry made the final call to renovate the town square in Lebanon.