Lebanon High School Youth City Council started three years ago and has been working diligently to complete new projects every year. Youth City Council is a student-lead club. Senior Taylor Wagoner is the current class president of Lebanon High School Youth City Council. Senior Jenna Weaver is the Vice President.

“As president of the Youth City Council, I really just try to get everyone’s imaginations and ideas fired up and united while contacting the necessary personnel we need to bring these ideas to life,” said Wagoner.

Joe LePage and Major Matt Gentry are heavily involved.

“I think it is a great idea that Mayor Gentry and our City Council created an organization, the Lebanon Youth Council, to give the youth in our community a voice and forum to express their ideas.  It has proven to be an outstanding opportunity for our students to serve our community,” said Mr. O’Rourke.

One can be involved with the Youth City Council as long as they complete an application that asks about your past involvement and a well-written essay. The club meets up every other Thursday.

“Anyone that is interested in bettering the community and doing well academically can be involved by filling out an application that we send out on canvas every few months,” said Weaver.

This year’s current project is a mural. They have not decided on an exact painting yet.

“In Youth City Council we brainstorm ways to improve the community. This year our project includes more art in the downtown area. We decided to make a mural on the side of, “People’s Revel Room.” Our goal is to incorporate something that relates to all ages,” said Weaver.

In the past Youth City Council, worked to change the school address to the Tiger Way.

“The Tiger Way street naming and signage are great examples of our students taking the initiative through their involvement with the Lebanon Youth Council to make a very positive change in our community.  By taking the emphasis our school has placed in doing things the Tiger Way and naming the road that leads into our school, Tiger Way, our school and community are joined in the pride we have in the Lebanon Tigers. It is also awesome to see the black and gold street signs with the tiger design on the signs being added throughout the city.  It once again shows the pride we have in our community, and that our school is a very important part of the Lebanon community,” said Mr. O’Rourke.

Thank you to the Lebanon High School Youth City Council for all of their contributions to Lebanon.