IHSAA is known as the Indiana High School Athletic Association, they are the association that makes all the stipulations and rules that high school student athletes around Indiana have to follow. Recently there has been a situation where one student athlete from Fishers High School is involved in a harassment case. There is no active investigation going on and no detective has been assigned to the case.

The student is known as one of the top male swimmers in the state. After the news got out he was suspended from his season and the team. Although he was suspended he was then able to compete in the IHSAA swimming state series with no regulations against him.

Female swimmer athletes and parents of the athletes were not very happy about these decisions. Some of the parents were planning a protest the day of the meet outside of Hamilton South Eastern high school to express their anger towards the situation.

Indy Star found documents from some of the female swimmers that stated the male athlete would not be allowed to swim with the team due to substantiated cases of harassment.   The document also said that the female athletes feared the male swimmer and said it made the pool a hostile environment.

Kierston Smith is a sophomore at Lebanon High School and a student athlete. She has played basketball ever since she was little and has played for the school for two years now. When asked what she would do in the situation if this had happened at our school and she said

“If my team and I were put into this situation I would be very disappointed in IHSAA and how they just let him compete after the things he did.”

The situation is still under investigation and further news will most likely be posted on Indy Star.