Lights; Camera; Relocate? As Lebanon High School approaches the annual prom season, questions have started to arise. Why are we relocating prom from the Lebanon Armory? For 12 years LHS has hosted prom at the Armory – this year it is going to be different.

The Junior Class Council, and their advisor Mrs. Miller, decided that this year it was time to make prom inclusive for everyone. LHS will now be hosting prom at the Boone County 4H Fairgrounds in the Farm Bureau Building.

“We decided to relocate prom because it is ADA (American Disability Act), meaning that our students with disabilities are able to access all areas of the building. Some days we have been in the snow, some days we have been in the rain and some days we have been in 80-degree weather, so if need be we have access to both heat and air – something the armory did not have. The last benefit is on sight parking. All students and parents will be able to park their vehicles on the property instead of having to walk 3-5 blocks to get back to their car late at night. Those are the three big factors that aided in our decision of prom relocation, but the ADA was our biggest,” said Mrs. Miller.

Although there has been a lot of controversy about the relocation, senior Sam Proctor thinks it is a great idea.

“It [the relocation] includes all students at LHS. There is more room for students to dance, air conditioning, and nicer bathrooms. I really do not think it is going to affect the atmosphere of prom itself – I think it will actually make it better,” said Proctor.

Many students are concerned about how walk in is going to operate – will there still be a red carpet? What about a walkway? Will parents be able to take pictures? Junior Class Officers Lizzie Kincaid and Cole Asbury reassure that walk in will still operate as always.

“Walk in is going to operate the same way as it did at the Armory – there is still a red carpet, a walk way and student’s parents will be able to take pictures of them as they are walking up. The only difference is the location itself,” said Asbury.

“Walk in will take place at the east side entrance on the circle center road leading up to door. It will be just the same as at the Armory,” said Kincaid.

Although some students support it, other students do not. Senior Brooklyn Pullen wishes that prom was not relocating – it even made her question whether or not she wanted to go to prom this year.

“I am at the 4H fairgrounds a lot as it is – I show animals and do projects so I am there all summer. I understand the benefits that come with moving prom, but I feel like tradition can outweigh AC and more space. I have just always known and loved prom at the armory because it looks so nice and feels fancy. I just do not see the 4H fairgrounds giving me that same affect,” said Pullen.

Now that LHS has decided to relocate prom, another question rises – why not move prom out of Lebanon in general? Junior Class President, Cole Asbury, states the school board will not allow students to hold a prom outside of Lebanon.

“We considered relocating outside of Lebanon in general, but the school board will not allow us to. It not only can cause liability issues, it also becomes extremely expensive trying to rent buildings outside of Lebanon,” said Asbury.

Despite student opinions, the LHS School Board and Junior Class Council believe that this is the best decision for both the school and its’ students. Regardless of where prom is going to be, students are encouraged to come and have a great night. Do not let the location of prom make or break your night – only you can control how the night goes.