Spring is a time where the weather starts to get nice and you are finally able to get out and do things. There are many things to do, from small town Lebanon to all over Indiana. Below is a list of things to do around Indianapolis.

  • Children’s museum: visit the Sports Legend Experience and visit the museum
  • The Indianapolis Zoo: visit the butterfly exhibit and walk around the rest of the zoo seeing all the different kinds of animals
  • Attend an Indianapolis Indians baseball game
  • The Indiana State Museum
  • Cool Creek Park and Nature Center
  • White River State Park
  • Action and Atomic Duck Pin Bowling
  • Indiana Historical Society
  • Beef and Boards Theatre
  • Eagle Creek
  • Turkey Run

Below is a list of simple things that you can do around Lebanon.

  • Support the high school baseball team, the softball team, the track and field team, the girl’s tennis team, and the boys golf team
  • Visit a local restaurant such as Milky Way, Titus Bakery, or Donaldson’s Chocolate shop
  • Take a walk or have a picnic in the Lebanon Memorial Park or the South Side park
  • Walk the big four trails
  • Go to Becky’s Market and pick out flowers and fresh produce