In English class, when most people get assigned an essay, they do not even know where to begin. They sit down for half an hour simply brainstorming their opening sentence, their intro, and how they are going to tie together their evidence. With a scholarship essay, much of the planning begins the same way. Writing an essay can feel like a time of stress and struggle, but with simple tips, writing can become a breeze. Here are some ways to de-stress an essay process.

  • Read the assignment. Make sure that you fully understand each part of the prompt and how you are going to support it.
  • Write a thesis statement. Without a thesis, your paper will not be uniform and will simply seem messy. Think of what you want to prove in the paper and create your thesis based on this.
  • Create a planning outline. If you struggle with writing, it may be helpful to create an outline on Word before beginning to write. As you collect evidence, you can begin to fill in parts of the outline.
  • Write your body paragraphs before your intro and conclusion. Sometimes it is helpful to write the main parts of your paper before the opening and closing in order to know exactly what you are proving beforehand.
  • Include quotes. A paper will seem more credible and easier to read if you incorporate quotes from sources, even if you are writing a simple research paper. For scholarships, quotes are not as relevant, but they can add a fun twist on your paper.
  • After finishing, go back and revise your paper. There should always be a rough draft of the essay that should be polished to create a final draft.
  • Get help if needed. You can always have someone peer edit or revise your essay. It will only make you a better writer.

These tips can be applied to scholarship essays, which seem like a nightmare, or a simple classroom assignment. The most important tip for writing an essay is: have fun and do not take it too seriously!