At Lebanon High School, students are offered a multitude of different electives they can chose to take other than their regular core classes. Within those electives, speech class is one of the most popular and commonly requested classes LHS offers. The class is offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors, but many students ask a common question; is the class really beneficial?

English and speech teacher Mrs. Holman – Harrell enjoys teaching the class to all of her students and loves watching them grow from the beginning of the semester until the end.

“I would recommend students take my class not because I teach it, but, because I think it builds their confidence and their delivery skills. Most careers contain some sort of verbal communication and its okay to make mistakes in high school. Therefore, students should take the class now because it prepares them and helps them correct the mistakes they might be making,” said Mrs. Holman – Harrell.

LHS senior Jax Wilson recommends the class to anyone who meets the requirements for the class.

“I would recommend this class to anyone I knew because I think it is really important and essential for people to learn how to talk in front of peers and large groups of people,” said Wilson.

“I think the most difficult part of speech class was making sure that I did not sound monotone when I was delivering my speech. I do not mean to sound like that, it is just something I never realized I did until I took that class. She really challenged me, in a good way, to make sure I really worked on my tone of voice,” said Wilson.

Even though the class might sound intimidating to students who tend to avoid talking in front of large groups, most students really enjoy(ed) the syllabus they were given.

Sophomore Hallie Montgomery decided to take the class because she really wanted to overcome her fear of public speaking.

“I do not like speaking in front of others because I am scared of getting judged by my peers for how fluently I can talk but I actually really grew to enjoy doing it. The most difficult part was obviously speaking in front of other people, but it made me really comfortable knowing that I had it with a lot of my friends who I knew would not laugh at me or make me feel less than,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery would recommend the class to other people because not only are you able to express your feelings, it also improves your skills when talking in front of other people.

Sophomore Haley Pierce originally took speech class because she wishes to graduate with an Academic Honors Diploma and the class was a requirement. Although she took the class under those conditions, she really grew to enjoy the class to its full extent.

“I used to hate speaking in front of people, and I would get embarrassed really easily. This class taught me how to keep from getting embarrassed or worked up while in the middle of a speech or presentation and I have really grown to enjoy public speaking. Mrs. Holman-Harrell makes sure all her students feel comfortable and are prepared for their speeches,” said Pierce.

“I would recommend speech to any student at LHS. It really teaches you how to step out of your comfort zone and be both professional but social at the same time. It might seem hard at first but I promise it will all pay off,” said Pierce.

Even though the class might seem intimidating to some, it is not a difficult class to take on. Students who are still on the fence about whether or not they want to take the class should talk with their guidance counselor or go to Mrs. Holman-Harrell directly with any further questions.



Sophomores Haley Pierce (Left) and Hallie Montgomery (Right)


Senior Jax Wilson