Are we in the year 3000? Because the Jonas Brothers are making a comeback! Yes, I repeat, the Jonas Brothers have reunited since 2013, when they last appeared together as a band. Kevin Jonas, lead guitar and back up vocalist, Nick Jonas, lead vocalist and Joe Jonas back up vocalist and guitarist have big plans for the future.

On February 28, 2019 the Jonas Brothers announced via social media that they would be releasing their new single “Sucker” which was released March 1st. Since their debut, the song has hit number one of the Billboard Hot 100 and the US Hot Digital Songs Chart with 80,000 copies sold in its first week.

“When I learned that the Jonas Brothers released a new single, I immediately looked it and listened to it. My first impression of the song was good and I liked how it plays into their relationships as brothers. I absolutely love the music video how they incorporated their wives and fiancés,” said senior Kailyn Rittenberry.

Since February 28, social media platforms such as Twitter have been blowing up with the exciting news: the Jonas Brother Reunion.

“Twitter was going crazy about the news. Everywhere I scrolled I saw Jonas Brother stuff,” said Rittenberry.

While others are very excited from their reunion, others are wondering why it took so long. The brothers have been secretly creating “Sucker” for eight months.

“I have never really been a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but their new song “Sucker” is a really good song. I heard about their reunion from word of mouth and by the internet too, “said senior Anna Berry.

The wait continues as many fans look forward to new songs by the Jonas Brothers. Reportedly, the Jonas brothers have 30-40 news songs for their fans to hear, but no confirmation about possible concert tours in the future.