Pocket Points is a mobile app that rewards you for staying off your phone at home, at school or even while you are driving. After a certain amount of points, you get badges, to be able to earn more points for that specific day. As your points from staying off your phone add up, they can get you better rewards because they can get you discounts and even sometimes for free. On the app, it has some automatic features and manual features. This app is used by a variety of students here at Lebanon High School.


Junior Molly Garner found out about Pocket Points from Junior Emma Huse. Garner uses the app during school because it helps her stay off her phone both at school and while driving. She believes that the rewards you can redeem with points you earn from staying off phone are somewhat useful. Garner does recommend getting this app to anyone in high school and for people that have texting and driving issues.

“From the access of the teachers being able to drop assignments or higher assignment grade you should not get rewarded for simply following the rules and staying off your phone “said Garner.


Junior Hailey Taylor in culinary heard Emma Shock talk about the app and she then downloaded. Taylor tends to not use the app as often as other people do at LHS. She has found out that she only seems to use Pocket Points while she is driving in the car. Taylor thinks that this app was developed to target someone who struggles to stay off your phone and it helps them stay off their phone.

“I think it is a phenomenal for the teachers to get this app because it will benefit the teacher by setting a good example for the students to stay off their phone” said Taylor.


Senior Addie Lee uses Pocket Points and she is rarely on her phone and realizes she is so much more productive without her phone. Lee thinks the app benefits her as a person because she used to be glued to her phone. Lee would recommend this app to someone who relies solely on social media.

“Pocket Points helps me stay off my phone and I think we are all addicted to our phones now a days. I think rewarding people for staying off and enjoying life is a good idea and the prices just add to it” said Lee.


Senior Garret Unger, unlike most students, learned about Pocket Point from his brother who informed him about the app. Unger likes the app because it is a win because it keeps you off your phone and with the rewards you get prizes. Unger thinks that the teachers at LHS should, in fact, get involved with this app because he feels as if it would help a lot of us, students.

“There are many things you can use on the app like for at the movie theatre, stores at the pizza, and restaurants,” said Unger.


Pocket Points has made an impact on student here at LHS. The spread of this app is a positive solution to make students want to stay off their phone during school hours. Pocket Points can be purchased at no charge on the app store.