High School athletes who are dedicated to their sport tend to pursue it at the colligate level. Those who choose to move on to the next level could be because of their passion for their sport or because they want to receive a scholarship.

College athletics are separated by divisions including; Division I, Division II, Division III and NAIA. Different divisions offer different amounts of money to athletes that are receiving a scholarship for a college sport.

Only three sports including; football, men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s volleyball offer full ride scholarships to athletes. The majority of the time, full ride scholarships are given at the D1 level but are not limited to that division. Division II schools are more likely to give out partial scholarships to athletes. Division III schools cannot give athletic scholarships, but athletes can receive merit awards for academics and other accomplishments.

Students at Lebanon High School shared their opinions on whether or not they believe that athletes should be payed to play a college sport.

Senior Abbi Wirey has committed to play softball at Marian University next fall and believes that the work put into making it to the colligate level is deserving of a scholarship.

“Personally, as a future college athlete I think it is important that college athletes get paid. They have put in all of this hard work over the years to get to the point where they are able to play sports at the college level, so they should be recognized for that,” said Wirey.

Junior Drew Cosgray plays soccer and baseball for LHS and agrees with Wirey that scholarships are important.

“Yes, I think college athletes should get paid because for some kids, sports are the only way to help out their families and to be able to afford college,” said junior Drew Cosgray.

“I think that college athletes should be paid because playing a sport in college is basically a job with the time it requires, which does not leave time to actually have a job to support themselves. If they are talented enough to be there then I think they deserve a scholarship,” said freshman Abby Thomas.

“No, I do not think that college athletes should be paid because their reward is getting to that level and from where they got from working so hard,” said sophomore Dustin Riley.

Although athletes have to work hard to earn a scholarship, they are not always permanent, once awarded. Collegiate athletes must make certain requirements to obtain a scholarship. The scholarship could be taken away due to things like an injury or the failure to renew one’s scholarship the following year.