The lights slowly dim, the curtain begins to rise and the cast of “Anne Frank” take the stage. This year, Lebanon High School featured their spring play this past weekend.

After spending over three months of practice and research to perfect the show, sophomore Macy Hill played the role of Anne Frank and was eager to put on the show.

“I am most looking forward to being able to tell this timeless story to a generation that really needs to hear it. I am also extremely nervous to play a real person and not just a normal role. We have worked so hard to make every detail of the show perfect and I cannot wait to see how it turns out,” said Hill.

Sophomore Calista Cole shared her endearment for the cast and how everyone involved with the play has made it a great experience.

“I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing cast. Everyone is so supportive and incredibly kind. I have met so many wonderful people and created so many new friendships. We are all like one big family and I would not want to be doing this with any other cast,” said Cole.

Not only did the play display the hard work of the cast, but it also displayed many elements that were put together behind the scenes.

“I am a part of the crew and I basically paint and build anything that Ms. Becker tells me to. I was definitely nervous about the set because I am not familiar with using tools, like hammers and screws. Overall, it was just crazy to think that I had helped build something that people would use for the play,” said senior Amelia Mills.

Sophomore Leah Kerkhoff shared how she was nervous about putting on the show but thinks that all of the late nights for the last three months were worth it.

“I am excited for the opportunity to act onstage alongside of my close friends as well as to spread this important story to the community. I am somewhat nervous about the pressure to portray this story correctly and do it justice. The past three months have been extremely busy, but I believe it has really paid off into becoming a great show,” said Kerkhoff.

After a long and busy time spent on perfecting the play, the cast set the stage and were very pleased with the outcome, as well as all of the new friendships that were developed.