As the spring season slowly but surely approaches Lebanon High School, athletics begins gearing up for their spring season. From softball, baseball, girls’ tennis, boys golf and track and field, LHS students are both ready and excited to start their season.

Junior Abigail McPherson, a softball player at LHS, is excited to get back on the field and to have quality time with her teammates.

“A goal I have set this year is to have more fun. Last year I was more worried about my stats than I was about just enjoying the game. This season I am going to work on just staying in the moment with myself and the girls,” said McPherson.

McPherson is a pitcher for the softball team and is looking forward to play with all of her teammates.

Senior Payge Redman is just as excited as her fellow teammate. Redman is the catcher for the softball team is hoping to improve her hitting as well as being a good leader for the rest of the team.

“I am excited to see what we can do as a team this year and to be able to play with all of my teammates as well as play with all of the seniors. I have grown up playing softball and I am excited for this last season,” said Redman.

The softball team encourages all of LHS students to come out to their first game on Wednesday, March 20that 6pm at the Lebanon Middle School softball fields.

Along with softball, the boys’ baseball team is looking forward to their first game on Tuesday March 19th. Although the game is just a scrimmage, the team encourages students to come out for a night of friendly competition.

Sophomore Garrett Harker is most excited to see how their young team does in their both difficult and intense conference.

“I play shortstop and I pitch for our team, but I enjoy the game as it is. A goal I have set for myself this season is to have a .400 batting average with eight homeruns total for the entire season,” said Harker.

Junior Drew Cosgray is looking forward to playing with his friends and the crowds that come with each game.

“I play third and second base along with left field and I pitch. My personal goal is to be the best I can be on and off the field and to make this year the best one yet,” said Cosgray.

The boys first official game is March 25that the Lebanon Middle School baseball fields at 6pm against Central Catholic. The boys are looking forward to a large crowd and an intense atmosphere.

Girls’ tennis player and senior at LHS Madison Wirey is excited to play her last season with the rest of her friends.

“I have created a special bond with a lot of girls on the team and I am excited to spend my last season with them. I will most likely play doubles, but our lineup switches a lot because some teams play differently than others. A personal goal of mine is to make first team all-conference,” said Wirey.

Along with Wirey, freshman Abby Thomas is excited to play every day with her team and to make new bonds with the girls she does not know as well.

“I am really looking forward to making new relationships and strengthening old ones with the girls on my team. I am also planning on improving my skill and getting better on the court,” said Thomas.

Sophomore Jessica Lehmkuhler is excited to be back on the court after a double ACL knee surgery in the fall.

“I play #1 varsity singles and I am really excited to be back after the rough couple of months I have had. I hope to win sectionals and to be able to go beyond that. I really enjoy tennis because you have the opportunity to still advance to sectionals even if the team does it if you play a specific position on the varsity team. I really hope the whole team could advance to sectionals, but even if we cannot accomplish that as a team I still have the opportunity to do that separately,” said Lehmkuhler.

The girls’ tennis teams first match is March 26that 5pm at Brebeuf High School. Entry to matches is free of charge.

Boys golfer and junior at LHS Christian Parks hopes to advance to regionals this year, whether that is as a team or as an individual.

“I am most excited for the relationships that will be built throughout this entire season,” said Parks.

The boys first golf match is March 27that 5pm at Hillcrest Country Club in Indianapolis.

Senior Garrett Unger shares his bittersweet wishes and goals for this last season on the track and field team.

“I am really excited for the 4×4 and I really hope we advance tor regionals. The most constant event that I run is the 4×4, but I also run the 100, 4×1, and the 200,” said Unger.

The track and field team’s next meet is Tuesday March 19that 5pm.

All schedules to LHS spring sport athletics can be found on the athletics website under the spring sports tab. Come on out and support your fellow tigers!


Senior Payge Redman


Sophomore Jessica Lehmkuhler


Sophomore Jessica Lehmkuhler


Senior Madison Wirey (left)


Sophomore Garrett Harker


Junior Drew Cosgray (middle)


Junior Christian Parks


Junior Abigail McPherson