No matter where it may be, any school should listen to the opinions of its students. No matter if it is in a big city or a small town, students will always have something to say about their school’s environment, the rules, and the opportunities they provide for their students. Students at Lebanon High School were not only asked what they like about their school, but also what they would like to see changed as well.

The teaching at LHS was a popular topic of praise. The students said that they enjoyed how involved each teacher gets with their pupils, and the fact that they seem passionate about the subjects they teach.

“The teaching style is something I really like. I am more of a hands-on guy, and the teaching style here really reflects that,” said junior Christian Otto.

“The teachers and the staff members are always there for everything. Sometimes Mrs. Merritt will notice that I’m upset and she will pull me to the side and will talk about it. She might send me to guidance or something so I can talk about it more and then get on with my day.” junior Haley Culley said.

“Most of the teachers here are always willing to help you with anything. They work hard to elaborate and make sure that you know what they are telling you to do,” said senior Dakota Froman.

A rule that was not favored within Lebanon High School was the student dress code. The girls, specifically, had an issue with the way it seemed to be harsher on girls than on boys.

“I do not like the dress code, I think it is unfair to girls. I feel like they do not care about guys when it comes to clothes and girls are more targeted. It is not fair,” sophomore Logan Harrington said.

Harrington is not the only one who had a negative opinion about the dress code, Culley also mentioned that she missed wearing some of her favorite clothes that she could no longer wear to school.

“I feel like there should be more lenience towards our dress code. Like ripped jeans should be allowed, not with a lot of rips, but maybe a little bit. And I think off-the-shoulder tops should be allowed too since the straps are thick. Leggings should also be allowed for sure,” said junior Haley Culley.

Another thing that Otto mentioned was for there to be an extended tardy policy within the school, saying that the amount of parent days we are given are not enough to cover the possibility of a long illness.

“Sometimes it feels like with tardies and days off that four days is not enough. If I get sick with the flu, it is going to take me three days to recover, and then I am out of luck for three months,” Otto said.

Harrington mentioned that she always likes to be the first one to get in the delicious wrap line in the cafeteria.

“I like the wrap line. It tastes really good and normally they are super fast whenever I am in line,” said Harrington.

The students had varying opinions based on their interactions with other students at Lebanon High School. While some said the students reflect a welcoming, friendly environment, others were not so quick to agree.

“Some people can be kind of rude, and sometimes they do not walk through the hallways fast enough. Sometimes they’ll just stop in the middle and it gets kind of annoying,” said Culley.

“I really do not like that some people here are rude to others, like making fun of them or just being rude in general,” said Froman.

Froman was asked if he witnesses a lot of bullying at Lebanon High School.

“I do witness bullying. Just a little bit, but not all the time,” Froman said.

Despite this, though, Froman said he remains upbeat because most people are eager to be inviting and offer their friendship.

“I like that I can be able to connect with other people, not just my friends that I have here. I have friends that are older and underclassmen, and I can connect with everyone. There is such a variety of different people to talk to here,” said Froman.

“People are so friendly. I came from Illinois, and it was definitely different, that is for sure. I lived near the city, and it is different here because everybody knows each other. Everybody here is so much friendlier,” said Otto.