An increasingly dangerous environmental crisis is affecting the climate, causing drought and wildfires and diminishing the wellbeing of ecosystems throughout the world. The effects of this environmental crisis are dire and can begin drastically damaging the Earth as early as 2031.

According to the UN report in October of 2018, “Limiting global warming to 1.5ºC would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” Lebanon High School AP Environmental Science teacher, Mr. Millar, agrees with the UN report. He believes that, if we do not change anything, the damage done to the Earth can be irreversible by the year 2031.

“Climate change causes problems like a decrease in food production, an increase in weather problems, worse storms, and drought. It can be caused by burning fossil fuel; probably one of the biggest sources is electric power plants,” said Millar.

According to, the effects of climate change will be drastic and threatening to humanity if we choose to ignore the signs. A website called Global Weirding models the dangers of climate change and the negative effects it could cause in the future. The website allows you to “watch a spinning world shift,” as quoted by Global Weirding models the problems that climate change has already caused, like jellyfish shutting down nuclear power plants and extreme weather patterns.

The scenarios allow you to see what would happen to the Earth if you chose to continue down the path that humanity is already on. The website shows the effects of climate change beginning as early as 2030, in which crop yields begin to drop. By 2100, the world becomes more of an apocalyptic ground than a living, green Earth. So, what can we do to help the environment before it spirals out of control?

To Mr. Millar, the strategies begin with name-brand companies. He does not believe that there is much that we can do as individuals other than recycle, carpool, and fly less jets. With a lack of laws promoting environmental safety, the amount of people dedicated to helping the environment through these little ways seems slim. Millar believes that the source is the companies, who can make a huge impact on the health of the world.

“The large companies need to begin using renewable fuel instead in order to help the environment. These companies are doing too much fracking that is harming the atmosphere. We also need to look into using light rails instead of cars and use solar and wind power more. If we do not do these things, it will be hard to live,” said Millar.

With the changing environment, an individual can make an impact, even if most people refuse to. So, try to recycle more, be aware of your personal energy usage, or even carpool with your friends.