If you are wanting a relaxing night at home and have nothing to do, the perfect way to end the night is taking a bath using bath bombs. There are many different types of bath bombs that you can use and many different places to get bath bombs from. Below is a list of different places to buy them and the different types of bath bombs you can buy.

Stores that sell bath bombs:

  • Lush
  • Burlap and Twine
  • Bath Bomb Boot Camp
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Bath and body works
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Ulta

Lush is mainly known for their various different types of bath bombs. According to cosmopolitan.com the most popular lush bath bombs are listed below:

  1. Dragon egg
    1. Smells like orange blossom and sherbet
    2. Refreshes your skin and body
  2. Twilight
    1. Smells like musky lavender
    2. Helps sleeping
  3. Intergalactic
    1. Smells like mint and citrus
    2. Oils infused to help optimism
  4. The experimenter
    1. Smells like love hearts, refreshers and other sweet candy
    2. Explodes with colors
  5. Think pink
    1. Smells like candy floss and posies
    2. Softens the skin
  6. Guardians of the forest
    1. Smells like pine fresh and slightly mint chocolate
  7. Tisty tosty
    1. Smells like roses
  8. Butterball
    1. Does not have a strong scent
    2. Helps dry and irritated skin
  9. Big blue
    1. Smells like fresh and cleanliness
  10. Avobath
    1. Smells like sweet lime
    2. Tackles dry skin
  11. Sakura
    1. Smells like peaches
    2. Calms the muscles