Dreams About Falling: This common dream can be really scary at the time, and according to dream analysts, it could mean that you feel as though things aren’t going well in your life. It may mean that you should reconsider an important decision you have just made or that you should take a new direction in some area of your life. The rumor that if you fall in your sleep you will die, just is not true!

Dreams About Being Chased: If you experience a dream like this, it does not necessarily mean that you are being followed in your daily life, rather that you may be trying to avoid something that you should face.

Dreams About Losing Teeth: This cringy dream can have multiple meanings, none of which are necessarily positive. Having this dream may indicate that you are self-conscious about your appearance or something recent that you regret saying. It also may indicate that you feel as though you have not been communicating well about something important or that you may lose a power position you currently hold.

Dreams About Dying: This uncomforting dream may reflect your personal anxiety or rather your own fear about a new change or the unknown. They may also mean that you are thinking heavily on the inevitable passing of time as you and your loved ones continue to age.

Dreams About Taking a Test: While some dreams may have multiple meanings, this one is pretty straight to the point. You may fear an upcoming change, or, just feel nervous about an upcoming exam.

Dreams About Flying: Depending on whether or not you have a fear of heights, this could be a really positive or negative dream. If you do not fear heights, dreams like this may be extremely liberating. You may feel a new sense of independence if this is the case or rather that you have the desire to flee or escape the situation you are currently in. You also may have the desire to free yourself from social norms.

Dreams About Car Accidents: Experiencing a dream like this can be a very scary and provide uneasy thoughts, especially if you have been in a car accident before. However, the deeper meaning may be that you are not feeling self-confident.

Dreams About Food: This lighter kind of dream normally just means that you went to bed feeling hungry, no worrisome meanings here!

Dreams About Buildings and Houses: Experiencing a dream like this often means that you are remembering and thinking about your childhood home. You may also be feeling unsafe or feelings of insecurity. If you dream about someone’s home in specific, it may mean that you want to spend more time with them or that you miss that specific person.

The position in which you sleep can actually have a lot to do with the dreams you have as well. If you sleep on your stomach, you may have the wildest kinds of dreams. Sleeping on your side is the most common sleeping position. Sleeping on your right side is much more likely to induce positive dreams and fewer nightmares than left side sleepers. Sleeping on your back can not only cause back pain but can also lead to snoring and encourage sleep apnea. For those who sleep in multiple positions, there is likely one position that affects your dreams. It is likely the position in which you wake up in that is affecting your dreams. However, trying to change your sleeping position is not necessarily the best for your health. It can cause aches and decrease your sleep quality.