In the last few months, many new businesses have started to fill the Whitestown community. One of those places include Smoothie King, a smoothie franchise that has raised a lot of publicity.

Smoothie King offers three different sizes of smoothie that include a 20 ounce for $5.29, a 32 ounce for $7.29, and a 40 ounce for $8.49.

This fast food chain has gained a lot of business from Lebanon High School students and they shared their opinions on whether or not they think Smoothie King is worth the hype.

Sophomore Nathan Funk has frequently visited Smoothie King since they opened and was very impressed.

“I definitely think that the smoothies are worth the money because of the portion sizes. You get a lot of drink for the price you pay, so I think the prices are fair. Every smoothie I have tried was really good, but my favorite would be the pineapple surf,” said Funk.

Junior Emma Shock started working at Smoothie King when they opened at their Whitestown location and is very satisfied with the atmosphere.

“I really enjoy my job because the environment is very relaxed and everyone who works there is all super nice. We get a lot of communication with customers and I feel that it is a great place for people to stop by if they want a treat,” said Shock.

Junior Haley Culley was also hired at Smoothie King and was pleased to learn about the healthy options.

“For the most part, the smoothies are meal replacements and all of our ingredients are organic and healthy, so it is really worth the price,” said Culley.

Junior Macey Kenna recently tried Smoothie King and was unhappy with her experience.

“I was excited to try one of their smoothies because everyone had been talking about how good they were. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience because I didn’t really like the smoothie. It tasted really bad and too healthy for my personal preference so unless you are into healthy drinks I really do not think Smoothie King is worth the money,” said Kenna.

Smoothie King offers many different kinds of smoothies that are categorized by fitness, wellness, slimming and to take a break. Overall, the business’ success rate is increasing, but if you are looking to save money then Smoothie King may not be the place for you.