When most people think about competitions, they tend to think more about those that deal with sports like basketball brackets, football finals, and an other variety of related types. But there are other clubs and activities that also go to competition and compete. Within Lebanon High School two groups we have are the Percussion Ensemble and the Tigerettes; both of who made it to state this year.

At LHS, Percussion Ensemble is its own separate class for percussionists; and while they do perform with the Wind Ensemble at concerts, during the winter season they compete against percussion groups from other schools in Indiana. Prelims were held this two weeks ago on Saturday March 16th, and going into them, the Percussion Ensemble wasn’t all too confident.

IMG_6625“Going into prelims at Decatur, we all walked in a little skeptical since we are still young in the sense of how long we’ve competed. But we also kept a positive mindset and mainly focused on having a good performance and a good day,” said senior Cindy Kirkman.

Much to all their surprises though, the Percussion Ensemble moved on to state. Cindy commented on how they feel going in to state this Saturday, March 30th.

“We’re all a little nervous but pretty excited; for everyone except me, this is the first time we’ve gone to state. Hopefully our practice does pay off, but as far as the day goes in general, we’d all be happy with a passionate, powerful performance no matter the placement,” said Kirkman.

Bryce Johnson is a sophomore at Lebanon High School and is also a part of Percussion Ensemble. He believes that going into next year, routines will defiantly change because of making state. He thinks that goals will be set and hard work will be put in to meet them. 

With a over 4 months of performing, practicing, and being around your fellow members there are always favorite memories that come out of it.


“My favorite part of Percussion Ensemble isn’t the music or the competing, but the people who have become my family at this point. We all fit so well together and it’s fantastic. We all know that placing isn’t the big goal but we are all there for each other all the time,” said Johnson. 

Mr. Alan Conrad told how he hadn’t planned for Percussion Ensemble to make it to state this year, but at the same time told how every year he only plans for doing so much better than the year before instead of wanting to place in a certain position.

Conrad also comment on how he felt the Percussion Ensemble had done this year.

“This year has been a great learning experience for them. Honestly, at the beginning of the year we were debating if we should even compete this year because of how young we were, but the kids wanted to. I think the thing I have enjoyed the most to see is the improvement level we’ve had over the past semester. It has been a fun group to work with because of how they get along and are willing to work together. It has made it all the more enjoyable,” said Conrad.

Unlike the Percussion Ensemble who still has one performance this weekend, the Tigerettes competition season has finally wound down and come to a close. The Tigerettes competed at state at Center Grove High School two weeks ago on Saturday, March 16th, and placed 7th out of the 16 at state.

But the world of Winter Guard was something new to the Tigerettes, as this was their first year competing in Winter Guard being a dance team the past 10 years.

“I personally love the switch to winter guard because although we use the equipment we still dance in our show and we get to have a show that has a special meaning behind it. We also get to us different equipment to showcase the aspects of our theme,” said junior Aria Summers.

Being their first year, the Tigerettes didn’t plan on getting far in their competition, but much to all their surprises, they kept moving on. While stress and nerves continued to rise as the moved on practice didn’t increase.

IMG_6632“The practice difficulty didn’t really increase. I mean as a team we were more motivated because we knew we wanted to continue to move on, but the practices themselves weren’t more difficult,” said freshman Anneliese Wolfgang. 

While their nervous continued to grow as a group, their motivation to continue to move on only brought them closer together as a team.


IMG_6630“The biggest thing that I think separates Tigerettes from any other program is the fact that we’re a family. We made incredible bonds with each other, and I will never forget the people I crossed paths with in this program,” said freshmen Brynn Hensley.

Tigerettes coach Amanda Wines has been there since the Tigerettes started back up, and was finally able to complete her goal of moving the team to Winter Guard.

“One thing I personally will take alway is goal setting and hard work pay off. The Tigerettes have had the goal to be a winter guard for 10 years. This year they made that happen. There were 57 teams in their division! The fact that they placed top 7 in the State is a testament to the hard work this team puts in. I am so proud of each of them. They have all grown as individuals and as a team,” said Wines.

If you were not able to catch the Tigerettes at one of their competitions, make sure to show your support at their community performance on Friday April 12th. Also, wish the Percussion Ensemble good lucks they perform at state Saturday March 30th.