Doctor, dentist, teacher, police officer, the possibilities are endless of what someone can be when they grow up. But, what can you do to really get a look into the life of a doctor, or a teacher?


Lebanon High School held its annual Career Day on Wednesday, and people from over 60 professions came in (or Skype) to give students a first hand look into what they do, and how they got where they are.


Students had the opportunity to choose up to three sessions in things they were interested in. Many used it as a time to see where their future may lead them.


“I went to Heroes and Dreams (Music), a tattoo industry and dental hygiene. It [career day] helped me decide that I want to be a dental hygienist. I think it is beneficial to the students who do not know what they want to do after high school,” said senior Kenzie Kern.


“I picked architecture, electrical construction, and then something that had long name that I cannot remember. I think it can be beneficial if you are maybe confused about what you want to do out of high school, it gives some clarification,” said sophomore Lucas Michener.


“I went to Special Education teaching, News Reporting, and Nursing. I think it could be beneficial to certain kids who are really focused  on their career, because they will learn a lot more and they can decide whether it’s a good job for them or not,” said freshmen Leah Bashor.


No matter what you want to be once you leave high school, career day has something for you. The event will only be getting larger each year and more careers will open up to students to explore and help make a decision in the future.