Since childhood, all types of people dream about going to Prom during their high school years. The Class of 2020 is no different, each student brimming with excitement in thinking about what junior Prom will bring. LHS Pennant has interviewed the members of this year’s Prom Court as an opportunity for voters to get to know the nominees before the final decision is made.

Cole Asbury is on student council, currently holding the class President position and leading the Class of 2020. He is a member of Lebanon High School’s Academic Team, competing in both the Social Studies and the Science categories. In his free time, Cole can be found studying history and playing the drums in the Carlickers band. He enjoys being outside and doing activities such as fishing, hunting, and camping.


“I am excited for prom because it is our prom that I am in charge of organizing. Having that responsibility and seeing it all planned out and then becoming a reality will be a really cool experience,” Asbury said.

Mary Brown is a dedicated swimmer and cheerleader. She is a part of class council, BCKYLA, and freshman mentoring. She is next year’s Senior Editor for the school yearbook and has a passion for photography. During the summer she partakes in lifeguarding at the Memorial Park Pool, where she spends time with her friends.


“I was not even at school when my name was called, and after school I got like, four texts telling me congratulations. I was so confused I was like, ‘What did I do?’ but then they told me and I was super excited. I told my mom and my sister and it was a great moment,” said Brown.

Being part of class council, Brown is proud that they were able to pull off what she thinks is the perfect Prom.

“The way we planned things out this year, I am actually really excited for Prom. I love that we moved the location and I spent so much time planning it that I really just want to see the result,” Brown said.

Grace Duerksen is heavily active in Cedars, the school’s yearbook, and holds position as co-Editor in Chief. She admits that while her job on the yearbook staff is stressful, she is very excited to have the responsibility. She is also involved in the Ambassadors Club. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, and hanging out with her friends.


“When I heard my name announced I was really confused, but when I found out that I was nominated by teachers it made me feel really good, and I realized that it really pays off having a strong relationship with your teachers. I was proud of myself. I have never been in a position like this before, so it is all very new to me and I am very surprised,” Duerksen said.

More than anything, Duerksen feels honored to have been chosen for such an honorable position. She is proud to feel like she represents the school well.

“I was planning on going to Prom, but I was not planning on going up on stage. I am more excited for Prom than anything else, and I am not nervous. I think it would be really cool for anyone to win. It is all such an honor,” Duerksen said.

Luke Ferrell is the Vice President of Membership for DECA and a member of National Honor Society. Ferrell has an affinity for sports, as he is a player on Lebanon High School’s tennis team and varsity basketball team. During the summertime, Ferrell can be found leading the Walk for Alzheimer’s group, which has raised $13,000 in the past year. Ferrell enjoys playing video games and coaches basketball for the Special Olympics.


“My first reaction when I found out I was on court was like, ‘wow, man, thanks guys’ to the teachers, because I really appreciated being picked. Afterwards I was thinking that this is a competition now, that now I have to beat out the other kids for the spot as King,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell admits that his main objective at the moment is making sure that he becomes this year’s Prom King.

“I really want to win. If I don’t win, I don’t know what I am going to do, but I really have to win,” Ferrell said.

Christian Hackett is the co-Editor in Chief for the school Yearbook, next year’s Vice President for FFA, and an active member of BCKYLA.  Hackett can often be seen working for his stepdad in a landscaping company or for his sister at Champion Gym. Hackett says that work is a very big part of his life, and when he is not working he can be seen anywhere in the outdoors, as that is where he feels most at home.


“Prom is definitely something I am going to remember forever. I do not want to be out of high school thinking back and saying ‘I wish I went to Prom, I regret not going.’ We all look forward to being juniors and seniors and going to Prom when we are underclassmen, and I really want to take advantage of the opportunity to make some memories,” Hackett said.

Overall, Hackett would be happy with anybody winning and he is mainly going to enjoy Prom because of the memories that he will be able to recall for the rest of his life.

“I am really chill and I do not stress a lot about things like this. I think everybody would like to win, but honestly I am just blessed to be a part of this and I’m completely happy to have just been nominated,” Hackett said.

Daniel Hood is a dedicated team member of Lebanon High tennis team, and is heavily involved in the sport outside of school as well. He is a member of FFA and occasionally works the concession stand at Lebanon Middle School. Daniel says that one of his favorite things is being a nice guy around his community.


“To be honest, when I first heard my name called for Prom Court I was not really paying attention. I thought I was getting called down to the office for something I did, and I did not know what it was so I was getting nervous. Then someone told me what it was and I was extremely surprised and excited,” Hood said.

Hood is looking forward to living his best life at Prom, and he thinks it will be better now that he is on the Court.

“I was definitely planning on going to Prom, but this just made it official that I was going to be a part of it. I was already very excited for Prom because I knew I was going to have a fun time, and this is just icing on the cake,” said Hood.

Lizzie Kincaid is a part of National Honor Society, FFA, and the Open Arms Club. She is Vice President of the Junior Class Council and takes part in the varsity volleyball and track teams. When she has time outside of school, her hobbies include drawing and spending quality time with her family.


“I was kind of scared when I found out because I do not really like the public display. However, when it comes to Prom itself I am very excited for that because I put in all of this hard work and I finally get to relax on Prom day,” Kincaid said.

Although Kincaid felt honored to be chosen by the teachers, she admitted that she would not enjoy winning.

“I really hope someone else wins, because I feel like I would be one of those popular people. Like, do you know in the movies? That’s how I would feel and I am not sure if I want to feel that way. I feel like people would think that I am better than everyone else, and I do not want that. It kind of feels like a popularity contest,” Kincaid said.

Jill Merritt is involved in FFA and 4H and is an avid member of National Honor Society and BCKYLA. One of her favorite hobbies outside of school is singing, and she puts her voice to use in Lebanon High School’s theater productions.


“I was really surprised, but I also thought it was really neat that I got picked to be on Prom Court because that is not something that I ever thought I would be a part of,” Merritt said.

After the surprise of being chosen to be on Prom Court, Merritt soon after realized that she needed to start planning as soon as possible.

“I wanted to go to prom but I did not really have a reason to go, so this gave me kind of an excuse to go. It was super fun to get to go pick out a dress and everything, and now I have somebody to go with so that will be super fun too,” Merritt said.

Allison Nelson is involved in many school functions such as BCKYLA, Sunshine Society, and National Honor Society. Inside of school she was on the Spell Bowl team, and currently takes part in both the English and Fine Arts academic teams. She enjoys reading and creative writing, which she has been doing since she was very little.


“I did not think that I was going to be on Court, I was surprised because I did not think that I would get nominated for it by the teachers. I was honored that they recognized me. I was happy when I found out I was chosen,” Nelson said.

Nelson is mostly looking forward to spending time with her friends during Prom night.

“I am excited mainly to just hang out with my friends and my boyfriend during Prom, it’s fun to just chill at dances. I definitely think the crowning will be an exciting moment,” Nelson said.

Camren Toole admitted that while he likes hanging out with friends, the majority of his time at the moment is spent being involved in a variety of sports such as cross country and wrestling.


“When I found out, everyone started yelling at me and they were really excited, but I was just kind of standing there thinking, ‘What? I do not know what to do for this,’” Toole said.

Although Toole admits that he is honored to have been chosen and is excited for Prom, he is very laid back about his position on Prom Court and does not need to win to enjoy himself during the dance.

Inside of school, Lucy Tubbs is an active member of Best Buddies and freshman mentoring. Tubbs is also heavily involved in volleyball, partaking in both Lebanon High School’s varsity team and a travel team, which she says takes up most of her time.  When she is not doing school activities, she can usually be found having fun with friends or watching Netflix.


“The first thing I thought was mainly that I am not a ‘Prom’ type of person, so I was really shocked. I do not mean this to sound bad, but I just felt weird. I never expected to ever be on Prom Court. It was cool though, and I thought that it was an honor because the teachers choose you. I felt honored to feel that they think highly of me and I get the opportunity to be on this court and represent the school,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs said that now that she has been chosen to be on Court, she will have to put a little more effort into getting ready and planning. Despite this, she says that she does not mind.

“I planned on going to Prom, but it was not a huge deal to me. Of course I was excited, but I was probably going to do my own hair and I was mainly focused on just having fun. Now I am just like, ‘Oh my gosh I actually have to look nice’, but at the same time I’m not that stressed because I have a lot of people that I can trust to help me with that stuff,” said Tubbs.

“I think everyone that is on Prom Court are really great nominees. I do not really care for winning myself, but at the same time if I do win it would be a big honor. I think that everybody on the court are really good people and they all deserve it, so I don’t care who wins because everybody who has the opportunity to win deserves it,” Tubbs said.

Jordan Windhorst is a player on the varsity volleyball team for Lebanon High School and also is a runner for the LHS track and field team. She is the up-and-coming Feature Editor for the Pennant and is a part of Student Ambassadors. Outside of School, Jordan can be found playing volleyball for her travel team or hanging out with friends.


“When I found out I was picked I was kind of surprised because that is not usually the type of thing that I am involved in. It was exciting, but really surprising,” Windhorst said.

“I am really excited for Prom. I like getting dressed up and getting ready, and just the whole experience of going to dances is really fun. It’s so fun to just be with a big group of friends and have a great time,” Windhorst said.

Windhorst says that winning isn’t a big deal to her, however she would feel honored if she was chosen as Prom Queen.

Jacob Winger is very involved in school activities such as FFA and is currently working on a landscaping competition. Outside of school, Jacob can often be found working, as one of his favorite places to be is outside and among nature.


“At first, when I heard my name on the announcements I thought ‘What did I get called down to the office for this time?’, but then someone explained it to me and I was pretty happy about it,”

Winger stated that he was eager for Prom and what the night would bring.

“I think Prom is something that every high schooler wants to do at some point, it is a tradition that’s been going on for a while now and I think it’s a fun idea to end the school year by doing something you like,”

In school, Austin Wright is an involved member of FFA. When he is not in school, however, Wright takes part in a club known as Beekeepers of Indiana, in which he has won an award for Young Beekeeper of the Year. He is involved in 4H, where he also keeps bees. His hobbies include working outdoors. He said he likes to try lots of different things when working outside because the variety keeps it interesting for him.


“At first I didn’t know what exactly I had been nominated for, so I asked around a little bit. I knew it was for Prom, but I did not know it was to be nominated for King, so when I found out I felt honored,” Wright said.

“I was thinking about going to Prom, I was on the fence about going because of all the effort and time it takes to get everything ready and prepared. We also have an FFA competition that morning, so I have a busy day ahead of me,” Wright said.

For Wright, winning would be great, but he is content with just being chosen and getting to be part of Prom.

“I would like to win at everything that I try, but it is great just being part of the experience,” Wright said.

Voting is currently open on Canvas for the junior class to choose this year’s Prom King and Queen.