What is your full name?

Dominick Paul Seppel

What are your future plans? What are you majoring in, if you are planning on attending a post-secondary school?

I plan on attending Butler University and becoming a CPA. (Certified Public Account)

What has made this year your best year?

Mr.Passwater and the many wonderful employees of Lebanon High School. From the principal to the custodians all of them I truly believe have the schools best interest at heart and are exactly the type of people I hope to work with and bring honor to where ever life takes me.

If you could give any advice to the underclassmen, what would you say?

Highschool is what you make out of it. In other words, the more you get involved with the more time you spend with each teacher the better you will do in the class and the more fun you will have in high school.

Who has been your biggest influence at the school and why? (teacher, administrator, staff member)

Mr.Passwater my teacher, has been the biggest influence on me at Lebanon High school. He inspires his students to work there absolute hardest to succeed.

I also would like to mention Mr.O’Rourke for all the help are time he spends making the school a more welcoming place and for me I came in being a new student my freshman year not really knowing anyone and he welcomed me and helped me to believe in myself and the impact I can have on my school even as a new student.

What class has been the most beneficial for you? Why?

AP Calculus it has taught me the rigor and hardworking that life requires and pushed me to limits at time t = infinity. Seriously though AP Calculus has taught me a lot and prepared me greatly for the studying ahead in college. I will be ready.

What is something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I am a thrill seeker and plan on living life to the fullest. I have surfed California’s waves, wakeboarder on still waters, and snowboarded down steps slopes.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to be a CPA graduated from Butler University but still living in Indiana my home is here and so is my family so no matter what company or organization I find myself I will never lose sight of where my heart will always be.

Are you planning on playing sports in college? If so what sport and where?

I plan on playing intramural sports but nothing for the college and maybe even joining a fraternity depending on what they are like on my campus.