What is your full name?

Kara Danielle Funk

What are your future plans? What are you majoring in, if you are planning on attending a post-secondary school?

My future plans are to attend the Indiana University of Kokomo studying Communication Arts.

What has made this year your best year?

2018-2019 has been my best year because I have gained more freedom and senior perks.

If you could give any advice to the underclassmen, what would you say?

Taylor Swift is wise; listen to her when she sings “Fifteen.”

Who has been your biggest influence at the school and why? 

I can not just pick one teacher, administrator, staff member because they have all impacted me in different ways throughout my years at LHS.

What class has been the most beneficial for you? Why?

I believe the LHS Pennant has been the most beneficial class because it has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and speak my views. I have gained freedom by being apart of a student lead class and learned how to write like an editor.

What is something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know about you?

One time I got pinched by a hermit crab and it would not let go.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to be working as a medical sales representative. I see myself at a large firm where I get to travel the US. I plan to be living in Boone County; somewhere in the countryside.

Are you planning on playing sports in college? If so what sport and where?

I will be attending IU Kokomo this fall and will run on the track and field team.