Water Wars is an activity that comes around every spring with the participation of the juniors and senior of Lebanon High School. This competition between students helps raise money for the Thirst Project, while also having some spring fun.

Each team consists of two people that will receive three different targets for each round. Players may pick up their assigned targets during homeroom in the main entrance on the day that the round begins.

The official competition started on Monday April 22nd and consists of three rounds. The first round goes from Monday morning (10:45 AM) to Friday morning (10:45 AM). The second round is known as the weekend round and will go from Friday morning (10:45 AM) to Monday morning (10:45 AM). During the weekend round, student’s targets will be worth five points each. Reminder: Saturday March 27th is off limits due to prom.

Players must earn points by getting their targets out and must place in the top thirty to move on to the next round. Up to two bonus points may be earned if students bring in four or more canned foods to Mrs. Wolfgang’s room.


• Any hazardous or illegal driving or violation of the Water Wars rules will result in immediate disqualification.
• Any target that is in a car (operating/riding) is in a safe haven. They may not be shot or “blocked” into any location.
• The building of a student’s workplace is OFF LIMITS. The parking lot, however, is fair game. You may not shoot a target once they are inside their building getting ready to work.
• Churches are safe during services. Going in and out of service is not safe.
• Lebanon Community School Corporation property is off limits. This includes the high school, middle school, baseball/softball fields, etc. This includes sports practices while they are in session. Parking lot outside of baseball fields is safe.
• Any sport in session is safe until their practice is officially over.
• Technological devices do not grant immunity.
• Seniors are not safe at lunch if they are off campus. However, a student entering their internship is safe, including parking lots.
• Shooting inside another person’s house is only permitted if you are invited in. You are not allowed to force entry. However, you may shoot from outside the house (EX Screen door or garage). To be clear, garages are live as long as they are open and you are shooting from the OUTSIDE.
• If camping at a target’s house, you must leave at the request of the target’s parents.
• Human shields and physical restraint of any player is not allowed.
• All disputes will be processed through the link provided above. Whatever the committee rules are final.
• It is prohibited to attack someone if either you or they are operating/riding in a motor vehicle.
• The following events are off limits while the player is participating in them: Memorial 5K, TPing and clean-up of Goodwin’s house. All of Saturday, March 27th is OFF LIMITS.
• You are safe during away games but fair game after unless you are an athlete arriving at and leaving your own game.
• Those operating bicycles have the same rules as operating a car.
• The Water Wars Committee holds the right to change or add any rules as the game progresses as they see fit.
• Any athlete is safe walking to the car after a game is over.
• Any student participating in another prom is safe during the event.