Spring sports are finally here and Lebanon High School is more than thrilled about it.  LHS participates in baseball, boys golf, girls tennis, softball and track and field during this time of year.  Each sport is doing great and are excited for what this year’s season is going to bring!

Lebanon’s baseball team is excited for whatever this season has in store for them.  Currently they are five in four, meaning they have won five games and lost four.  The team has seen a lot of D1 players and were able to keep up with them, so they feel very confident about the upcoming season.

Practices consist of the boys always pushing each other, having good attitudes, good focus and everyone getting along.  This creates a good environment for the team every practice.  The boys practice every day they are not participating in a game. The coaches this year are Coach Adams, Coach Coddington, Coach Cosgray and Coach Kincaid.

“Individually, I would like to have a batting average of at least 300 and have my ERA below two.  The team has a goal of getting a sectional championship, but it is one game at a time and we just want to be the best that we can be,” said Drew Cosgray.

Boys Golf at LHS has struggled so far this season on staying consistent, but still have hope for this season.  The team gets along pretty well and support each other as much as they can.  They practice every day from 3:15 pm – 6 pm.  Coach Milakovic, coach O’Neal, coach Parks and coach Woodard.

“My personal goal this year is to make it to regionals.  The team hopes to win conference by the end of the season,” said Christian Parks.

The girls tennis team at LHS have defeated Danville, a conference opponent of theirs, and have had matches against other private schools.  In order to win a match in tennis, there needs to be at least three varsity players that win their match.  Their coaches include Joe LePage and Dave Wright.

The girls practice every day after school.  Everyone on the team gets along pretty well and are pretty close.  One of the main goals of the team is to win the Conference or Sectional Championship, with North Montgomery and Zionsville being their biggest competition.

Softball at LHS is solid so far, only losing to Decatur Central and Kokomo, which are both 4A school. They have won against Carmel, Frankfort, Lawrence Central, Tri West twice and Western Boone twice.  The team typically practices from 4 pm – 6 pm every day they do not have a game.

The team gets along pretty well and doesn’t have any drama hardly ever.  On game day, the team is energetic and hyped up.  Their coaches include: Haley Enders, Kerry Rousses and Theresa Vargo. The team’s biggest goal was to beat Tri West, beat Danville, and win sectionals.

“My main goal for myself this year is to hit better this year. I hit at about a 100 last year and I would like to not hit like that this year,” said Sarah Tribby.

Lebanon’s Track and Field is doing pretty good so far, winning most of their meets.  They practice every day they do not have a meet from 3 pm – 5 pm. Their coaches include: Benny Boyer, Erin Huse, Neal Roahrig and Shelly West.

The team is pretty energetic and always make sure to cheer on their other teammates and work together.

“I got a personal best at our most recent meet at Zionsville and the boys did really good.  My goal this year is to run the 400 at regionals so we will see what happens,”said JC Reese.

All of Lebanon High School’s spring sports teams are putting in the work and trying their hardest for not only their team, but Lebanon as well.  We wish all spring sports athletes the best of luck with their upcoming games, matches, meets and tournaments!

Pictures by Britney Metcalf, Cayleigh Dial, Elizabeth Holmes and Macey Kenna.

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