Over the past few months, the city of Lebanon has been through many renovations to bring a new aspect to the town. These redevelopments have brought in new businesses to the area.

Taco John’s is a Mexican inspired fast food chain that was recently added to Lebanon in early April that serves authentic style food including a few breakfast options. The new restaurant has been a popular topic discussed at Lebanon High School.

Sophomore Blake Bryan began working at Taco John’s the day that they opened and shared why has enjoyed his time spent there so far.

“The atmosphere is very family friendly and fun. I enjoy working there because it is very flexible and is an easy job once you get the hang of it. I am also able to joke around with my coworkers and have fun while working. One time I slipped on lettuce and fell on the floor and my coworkers helped me up after they finished laughing at me” said Bryan.

Junior Hunter Smith was very eager to try Taco John’s when they announced their opening day and shared why he will continue to spend his money at the restaurant.

“I tried the chicken quesadilla and it was very good. I would recommend it to other people that may not know what to try when they go to Taco John’s for the first time. Although Taco John’s is slightly more expensive than Taco Bell, I think that it is better because the food feels and tastes more real and less processed, so the price is worth it” said Smith.

Sophomore Lauren Gascho has visited Taco John’s multiple time since the grand opening and says it is one of her new favorite places to grab a bite to eat.

“My favorite food to get is the crunchy beef tacos and the tator tots with cheese. I like that the street tacos are more authentic but they are also quick and easy to get from a fast food restaurant” said Gascho.

Taco John’s is open from 6:00am-10:00pm Monday through Friday and is open 7am-10pm on Saturday and Sunday and is located at 2004 N Lebanon St Lebanon, IN 46052.

Take some time during your lunch or on your free time and go grab a delicious bite to eat.