By Emma Kafka and Emma Biddle

This morning the Lebanon Community School Corporation Board announced the hiring of the new Superintendent that is taking the place of Dr. Taylor after his retirement. Dr. Jon Milleman has come to lead the Lebanon Community School Corporation after being Assistant Superintendent at MSD Washington Township. He has also served as Principal at Hamilton Southeastern High School and Franklin Community High School. He graduated from Purdue University with a Ph.D. in Educational Organization and Leadership.

When asked what kind of things he was planning to implement at LHS, Milleman said that he was more focused on strengthening the things that our school already does well.

“This school does a lot of things right. These first few months I am really going to spend learning how you do things and what you do. Just like Dr. Taylor and Mr. O’Rourke and everyone in the administration, I want to make things better. So rather than thinking about implementing, I would rather think about improving. We are going to look for those opportunities and look for the highest leverage opportunities to get students where they want to go,” said Milleman.

Milleman grew up in a tiny farm town with a small school size. In high school he was an FFA officer, played baseball, and was in marching band. He values Lebanon High School due to the balance of the vast opportunities the students are offered, as well as the close relationships students get to develop with each other as well as the staff.

“Lebanon is big enough where there are a lot of offerings and opportunities for students, but we are small enough that we are a family and we know each other. There is a lot of power in that, and that’s something that will be a part of us all for the rest of our lives,” said Milleman.

Milleman admitted that his school spirit is at an all-time high and told The Pennant not to be surprised if he has to hold himself back from getting too excited at our sporting events.

“As of now, I am a Tiger. You are going to see me as much as possible. I am your biggest fan, and I will try to involve myself with students as much as possible,” said Milleman.

Milleman has shared a list he likes to call ‘Dr. M’s 25 Rules, Principles, + Observations of Life’ with The Pennant.

  1. Greatness is a product of serving others.
  2. Pay attention.
  3. You cannot Tweet, Facebook, email, or text your way to success. Write a note (hand-written), pick up the phone, or better yet, see the person in person.
  4. No one can motivate you or make you feel anything. The way you feel and what you think is your decision.
  5. Everything in life falls into two categories: Worth It or Not Worth It.
  6. If everything has a priority, nothing is a priority.
  7. Be present. The person you are talking to and listening to should feel like they are the most important person in the room—because, at that moment, he/she is.
  8. Listen to all sides. Do not listen to only those who agree with you.
  9. You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself.
  10. Do your most difficult tasks first thing in the morning. Delaying difficult tasks and delaying uncomfortable conversations will drain your energy.
  11. Clichés become clichés because they are true.
  12. Tell the truth.
  13. Think quickly. Talk slowly.
  14. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  15. Do something nice for someone every day, but do not tell anyone.
  16. Money is a short-term motivator. Doing what you love is more important than how much you make.
  17. Listen to children. Realize that the best ideas often come from kindergarteners. They are a wealth of simple, yet profound solutions.
  18. There are no independent decisions. All of them have consequences and everything is connected.
  19. If we always knew the answer to the question “Why?” there would be no reason for Faith, Trust, or Hope.
  20. Do not write a check with your mouth that your body cannot cash.
  21. Mistakes happen, but your eraser should not run out before your pencil. Fail, but fail forward.
  22. It is true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but you can learn a lot about someone by the way he/she shakes your hand.
  23. Sit silently for at least ten minutes every day—no phone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no email—Silence.
  24. You always take your own weather with you.
  25. Say please and thank you.

Lebanon High School is excited to welcome Dr. Milleman to the School Board.